Date Completed

Winter 2016

Document Type

Masters Capstone Project

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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


Parental acceptance is a protective factor against negative health outcomes for transgender and gender nonconforming young people. Qualitative research suggests parents just learning of their child’s gender variance have a need for education, peer support, and access to culturally responsive care providers in order to accept and affirm their trans* child. Gender Creative Parenting, an educational group curriculum firmly grounded in social work values, addresses these needs. A thorough literature review and findings from key informant interviews led to the selection of chaos theory as a guiding framework for intervention development. Emerging best practices for working with trans* youth within a family and community context have been integrated into this 8-module curriculum facilitated by a Master’s level social worker and parent co-facilitator. A logic-model guides implementation of the Gender Creative Parenting intervention with the goal of normalizing the experience of parenting a trans* child, facilitating healthy youth identity development, promoting the use of formal and informal supports, and encouraging advocacy efforts toward creating safe and supportive communities where trans* young people thrive.


The Gender Creative Parenting Curriculum in its entirety is the intellectual property of Kathleen Murphy Pantoja. For permission to copy or reproduce this curriculum please email

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