Date Completed

Winter 3-15-2020

Document Type

Masters Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


This proposal is a request for legislation that all Washington State judges receive mandatory domestic violence education. There is a need for Washington State judges to receive domestic violence education to prevent biases and misconceptions from influencing their court decisions. The goal of this legislation is to increase safety for victims and increase judges’ ability to make informed judicial decisions in cases of domestic violence. Education has been identified through research and interviews to be the most significant intervention to reduce domestic violence. Judges who are educated about domestic violence make judicial decisions that are more supportive of victims. To determine success of this project two objectives have been identified to determine success, legislative support with at least one Legislator sponsoring the bill and partnering with the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WSCADV) to advocate and lobby for this bill. Washington State can support victims by passing legislation to guarantee justice to those who rely on the criminal justice system for their protection and survival.