Date Completed

Winter 3-13-2022

Document Type

Masters Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


Crises of climate breakdown, ocean acidification, mass extinction, pollution and other forms of environmental degradation demand global transformation. Direct and clinical social workers are on the front lines of responses to the social consequences of these crises. They have critical skills needed for socially and environmentally sustainable solutions to these problems. Yet for the most part, direct and clinical social workers are not engaged in environmental action and do not see their work as “environmental social work.” Micro-level workers need information and resources in order to integrate environmental health in practice, and particularly tools which center the needs of the people they serve. The Home podcast series is geared to respond to these needs in an accessible format. Home seeks to engage a notoriously busy group of people by combining storytelling, theory, interviews with practicing direct and clinical social workers, resources for assessment and intervention, and shareable educational materials in an accessible format. Its goal is to inspire direct and clinical social workers to integrate an ecosocial worldview in practice while providing them with information and tools to do so.