Date Completed

Spring 3-13-2022

Document Type

Masters Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


Historically adolescent and young adult (AYA) oncology patients have been an underserved population. Research indicates they are more likely to experience poorer treatment outcomes, which may result in part from unaddressed biopsychosocial stressors, poor treatment compliance, and poor provider rapport. Research also indicates that oncology providers do not have a formal standardized training they are required to attend on biopsychosocial needs and resources for the AYA population. Oncology care providers need knowledge of the biopsychosocial needs and resources of their AYA patients in order to provide care and resources that remove the effects of biopsychosocial stressors. This project was designed to address this need by creating a PowerPoint training for oncology care providers presented in a “Lunch and Learn” setting where providers are offered lunch as an incentive to attend training. This training utilizes a lifespan developmental theory lens to discuss the specific needs of the AYA oncology patient population and provides some available resources to address those needs. The creator of this project hopes that it leads to oncology care providers building rapport with their AYA patients in addition to proactively addressing their unique biopsychosocial needs and offering them resources that help negate effects from biopsychosocial stressors.

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Training Advertising Flyer

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Training Powerpoint Curriculum