Date Completed

Spring 3-10-2023

Document Type

Masters Capstone Project

Degree Name

Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


This paper proposes grant funding for Integrity Housing (IH), a community-based housing program that will provide residence and social support to individuals formerly incarcerated for sex offenses. Persons with sex offense records need housing and social supports in order to reduce homelessness and prevent recidivism. We will align with law enforcement and community values to provide a home and place of healing to perpetrators of sexual violence. Our mission is to support persons formerly incarcerated for sex offenses in successful community integration. We aim to improve the lives and well-being of these individuals by providing housing, therapeutic services, and social support. The goal of this program is to foster successful community integration for 40- 50 individuals formerly incarcerated for sex offenses and at risk of homelessness. Within a framework of restorative justice and belief in housing as a human right, IH will assist client in achieving content, self-directed lives not compatible with sex offense recidivism. The grant proposal includes both theoretical and practical frameworks, valid measures of success, and a step-by-step vision of program implementation.

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This poster describes the mission and goals of my capstone project.