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Background: Childhood asthma management is an environmental justice concern for immigrant Latino parents. Photovoice methods have empowered our community-based participatory research (CBPR) team of Latino parents of children with asthma to investigate and educate others about indoor environmental threats in our community.

Methods: Data collection and management in evaluating interventions in such settings is under-described in the literature. We developed a culturally tailored educational intervention, guided by social cognitive theory, using photographs from our archive. We pilot tested this intervention with a convenience sample of Latino parents (n = 19) attending an English language literacy class. We designed and implemented a pre- and post-evaluation survey on self-efficacy and knowledge and collected observational notes. However, we found that the responses to the knowledge questions were of limited value.

Lessons Learned: We describe the lessons we learned regarding data collection, management and evaluation.

Conclusions: We provide suggestions for improving survey design and data management for culturally tailored educational interventions.

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Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action





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Figure 1 Project budget ($20,000).doc (317 kB)
Figure 1: Project budget

Figure 2 Change in Self-Efficacy for reducing environmental triggers.doc (92 kB)
Figure 2: Change in self-efficacy for reducing environmental triggers

Figure 3 Change in self efficacy for reducing exposure to tobacco smoke.doc (98 kB)
Figure 3: Change in self-efficacy for reducing exposure to tobacco smoke

Table 1 Work teams - Mujeres Latinas Apoyando la Comunidad fin.doc (32 kB)
Table 1: Work teams - Mujeres Latinas Apoyando la Comunidad fin

Table 2 Participant demographics final 11-20.doc (37 kB)
Table 2: Particpant demographics

Table 3 Asthma Knowledge Questionnaire fin.doc (46 kB)
Table 3: Asthma knowledge questionaire

Table 4 Lessons learned and recommendations final 12-9.doc (44 kB)
Table 4: Lessons learned and recommendation

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