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Inequities in maternal mortality in the US are a form of structural violence against Black women. The concept of reproductive justice has been employed in the social sciences for almost thirty years, yet nursing has been slow to adopt this concept in promoting maternal-child health. Objective: to analyze the concept of reproductive justice as used in peer-reviewed publications with the aim of reframing black maternal health in public health nursing scholarship, research, practice, and advocacy. Design: We conducted a systematic review of the social science literature. We analyzed selected articles though a principle-based concept analysis focusing on epistemological, pragmatic, linguistic, and logical principles. Sample: 8 articles were selected from a pool of 377. Results: Race was identified as a source of power for understanding reproductive justice through individual knowledge, collective knowledge, and praxis. Pragmatically, reproductive justice is a social justice-oriented platform that bridges the pro-choice/pro-life divide; aids coalition building; and promotes inclusion. Linguistically, the concept is distinct from both reproductive health and reproductive rights. Reproductive justice is logically situated within intersectionality theory and the cumulative embodiment of oppressions Black women experience based on race, class, and gender. Conclusion: Reproductive justice reframes public health nursing actions for Black women by focusing on uncovering systems of oppression, recognizing past historical injustices, and advancing cultural safety in health promotion. Multilevel interventions are needed to simultaneously address these injustices particularly in the areas of preconception health, maternal health, infant and child health, and Black family well-being across the reproductive lifespan.

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Figure 1: PRISMA

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Figure 2: Concept Map

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Table 1: Principle Analysis

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Table 2: Implications for Public Health Nursing

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Table 3: Reflective Practices for Public Health Nurses Engaging in Reproductive Justice

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