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The New Spirit Lake: Changes to Hydrology, Nutrient Cycling, and Biological Productivity
James E. Gawel, Charles M. Crisafulli, and Rich Miller


Correction To: Oxford House Residents’ Attitudes Toward Medication Assisted Treatment Use in Fellow Residents
J.M. Majer, C. Beasley, E. Stecker, T.J. Bobak, J. Norris, H.M. Nguyen, M. Ogata, J. Siegel, E. Wiedbusch, I. Dovale, N. Gelfman, S. Callahan, and L.A. Jason


Voluntary Placements in Child Welfare: A Comparative Analysis of State Statutes
Jones Semanchin, JaeRan Kim, K. Hill, and J. Diebold


Letter to the Editor: Public Health Nursing
M.K. Canales, D.J. Drevdahl, and S.M. Kneipp


Development and Pilot Testing of a Bilingual Environmental Health Assessment Tool to Promote Asthma-Friendly Childcares
R.A. Evans-Agnew, J. Postma, A.O. Camacho, R.M. Hershberg, E. Trujilio, and M. Tinajera


Relative Value in Corporate Bond Sectors
F. Leng and G. Noronha

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