Most Recent Additions*


Pierce County Statistics on Labor Market Inequalities
Anna Lovasz, Zaher Kmail, and Teresa Dennerlein


Hamming Codes
Steve Mwangi and Sterling Quinn


Applying the Data: Predictive Analytics in Sport
Anthony Teeter and Margo Bergman


Editor's Introduction, 2020
Margaret L. Lundberg


Criminology Explains School Bullying
Jeffrey W. Cohen and Robert A. Brooks


A Privacy Preserving Method for Publishing Set-valued Data and Its Correlative Social Network
Yan Bai, Li-E Wang, Shan Lin, Sang-Yoon Chang, Xianxian Li, and Peng Liu


Physics Inspired Models in Artificial Intelligence
Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad and Şener Özönder


Negotiating Authorship
Katie A. Haerling and Susan Prion


The evolutionary consequences of human–wildlife conflict in cities
Christopher Schell, Lauren A. Stanton, Julie K. Young, Lisa M. Angeloni, Joanna E. Lambert, Stewart W. Breck, and Maureen H. Murray


Rapid worldwide growth of glacial lakes since 1990
Maureen C. Kennedy, Dan H. Shugar, Aaron Burr, Umesh K. Haritashya, Jeffrey S. Kargel, C. Scott Watson, Alexandre R. Bevington, Richard A. Betts, Stephan Harrison, and Katherine Strattman


Cognitive load detection from wrist-band sensors
Martine De Cock and Xiling Li

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