Most Recent Additions*


Application of Nontarget High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data to Quantitative Source Apportionment
Edward P. Kolodziej, Katherine T. Peter, Christopher Wu, and Zhenyu Tian


Sorption and Transport of Trenbolone and Altrenogest Photoproducts in Soil–Water Systems
Edward P. Kolodziej, Xingjian Yang, Haoqi Zhao, and David M. Cwiertny


Adoption Discontinuity in Intensive Out-of-Home Care Settings
JaeRan Kim, Kristine Piescher, and Traci LaLiberte


Making Disability Visible in Social Work Education
JaeRan Kim and Claudia Sellmaier


Integration of Multiple Data Sources for Gene Network Inference Using Genetic Perturbation Data
Ling-Hong Hung, Ka Yee Yeung, Xiao Liang, William Chad Young, and Adrian E. Rafferty


Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Two Scaphopod Molluscs
Megan L. Schwartz, Kevin Kocot, Tim Wollesen, Rebecca Varney, Gerhard Steiner, and Andreas Wanninger


I Too Am Black: Bi/Multiracial Black Youth Speak About Their Racialized Experiences.
Alyssa Ramírez Stege, S.M. Quintana, and S. Lambe Sarinana


What Does It Mean to Be Mexican American? Children’s and Adolescents’ Perspectives.
Alyssa Ramírez Stege, T.A. Chavez, and S.M. Quintana


A Critical Postcolonial and Resilience-Based Framework of Supervision in Action
Alyssa M. Ramírez Stege, Mun Yuk Chin, and Stephanie R. Graham


A Community‐Responsive Adaptation to Reach and Engage Latino Families Affected by Maternal Depression
Carmen R. Valdez, Alyssa Ramírez Stege, Elizabeth Martinez, Stephanie D'Costa, and Thomas Chavez


Clinical Experiences With Clients Who Are Low-Income: Mental Health Practitioners’ Perspectives
Mindi N. Thompson, Rachel S. Nitzarim, Odessa D. Cole, Nickholas D. Frost, Alyssa Ramírez Stege, and Pa Tou Vue

*Updated as of 11/21/19.