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Is Real Earnings Smoothing Harmful? Evidence From Firm-Specific Stock Price Crash Risk
Inder K. Khurana, Raynolde Pereira, and Eliza (Xia) Zhang


From Manageable to Losing Control: A Grounded Theory Study of Psychosis Risk Syndrome
Sunny Chieh Cheng, Karen G. Schepp, Chen-Chung Liu, Barbara G. McGrath, Elaine Walsh, and Eleanor Chen


Biophysical Characterization Data on Aβ Soluble Oligomers Produced Through a Method Enabling Prolonged Oligomer Stability and Biological Buffer Conditions
Amanda C. Crisostomo, Loan Dang, Jyothi L. Digambaranath, Andrea C. Klaver, David A. Loeffler, Jeremiah J. Payne, Lynnae M. Smith, Adam L. Yokom, and John M. Finke


Antibody Concentrations to Abeta1-42 Monomer and Soluble Oligomers in Untreated and Antibody-Antigen-Dissociated Intravenous Immunoglobulin Preparations
Andrea C. Klaver, John M. Finke, Jyothi Digambaranath, Mamtha Balasubramaniam, and David A. Loeffler


Antibody Blood-Brain Barrier Efflux Is Modulated by Glycan Modification
J.M. Finke, K.R. Ayres, R.P. Brisbin, H.A. Hill, E.E. Wing, and W.A. Banks


Plan of Action for Real-World Translation of LGBTQ Health and Aging Research
K.I. Fredriksen-Goldsen, H.-J. Kim, G.L. McKenzie, L. Krinsky, and C.A. Emlet


On the Next Decade of Research in Voluntary Employee Turnover
T.W. Lee, P.W. Hom, M.B. Eberly, J.L.I. Jason, and T.R. Mitchell


Liezel Moraleja Hackett

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