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From UX to Engagement: Connecting Theory and Practice, Addressing Ethics and Diversity
Ole Goethe, Kavous Salehzadeh Niksirat, Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, Huatong Sun, Effie L.-C. Law, and Xiangshi Ren


Detection and Quantification of Metastable Photoproducts of Trenbolone and Altrenogest Using Liquid Chromatography–tandem Mass Spectrometry
Philip T. Kenyon, Haoqi Zhao, Xingjian Yang, Christopher Wu, David M. Cwiertny, and Edward P. Kolodziej


Preliminary Study of Haptic Media for Future Digital Textbooks
Noriyuki Iwane, Chunming Gao, Makoto Yoshida, and Hajime Kishida


Protecting Privacy of Users in Brain-Computer Interface Applications
Anisha Agarwal, Rafael Dowsley, Nicholas D. McKinney, Dongrui Wu, Chin-Teng Lin, Martine De Cock, and Anderson C. Nascimento


Generational Shifts: Adult Adoptee Scholars’ Perspective on Future Research and Practice
Hollee A. Mcginnis, Amanda L. Baden, Adam Y. Kim, and Jaeran Kim


Assessment of PCB Contamination, the Potential for in Situ Microbial Dechlorination and Natural Attenuation in an Urban Watershed at the East Coast of the United States
Devrim Kaya, Kevin R. Sowers, Hale Demirtepe, Brian Stiell, Joel E. Baker, Ipek Imamoglu, and Birthe V. Kjellerup


Developing Undergraduate Community Psychology Pedagogy and Research Practice
Rachel M. Hershberg, Olivia Andringa, Katheryn Camm, Halimatu Hill, Joshua Little, Rebecca Smith, Sarah Wilkinson, and Sarah Wilkinson


Managed Madness
Gabriel Roberts

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