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The Price of Mental Well-Being in Later Life: The Role of Financial Hardship and Debt
Gillian L. Marshall, Eva Kahana, William T. Gallo, Kim L. Stansbury, and Stephen Thielke


Schnorr-Based Implicit Certification: Improving the Security and Efficiency of Vehicular Communications
Paulo Barreto, Marcos Simplico Jr., Jefferson Ricardini, and Harsh Kupwade Patil


Middle to Late Pleistocene Evolution of the Bengal Fan: Integrating Core and Seismic Observations for Chronostratigraphic Modeling of the IODP Expedition 354 8° North Transect
Peter A. Selkin, Brendan Reilly, Fenna Bergmann, Michael Weber, Joseph Stoner, Laure Meynadier, Tilmann Schwenk, Volkhard Spiess, and Christian France-Lanord


Bridging the Gap: Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Underrepresented Collegiate Students at Psychology Training Clinics
Alyssa M. Ramírez Stege, Nickolas D. Frost, Stephanie R. Graham, Tiffany Jones, Tyson Pankey, and Elizabeth M. Martinez


Ethics in Photovoice: A Response to Teti
Robin Evans-Agnew and Marie-Anne S. Rosemberg


An Online Remote Verification System of Thermal Sources for Energy Harvesting Application
Orlando Baiocchi, Marcelo M. Camboim, Vincius S. Oliveira, Mariana Rodrigues Villarim, Andréa Willa Rodrigues Villarim, Sebastian Yuri Cavalcanti Catunda, and Cleonilson Protasio De Souza


Sports Teams Heritage: Measurement and Application in Sponsorship
Gregory M. Rose, Altaf Merchant, Mei Rose, and Ulrich R. Orth


Precarious Economies: Capitalism’s Creative Destruction in the Age of Neoliberal Campus Planning
Rubén Casas, Phillip Goodwin, Ralph Cintrón, Joshua Stanley Hanan, Leslie L. Rossman, and Nick J. Sciullo

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