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Post-New Orleans Reflections
Alyssa Tatro, Sarah Cho, Wesley Duncan, Miles Cameron, Clara Le, Alex Alderman, Margo Knight, Rafael Regen, and Emily Casebeer


Locating Art Worlds
James W. Harrington Jr.


Multiplexed Detection of Infectious Diseases With Microfluidic Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification and a Smartphone
F. Sun, W. Chen, H. Yu, A. Omob, R. Brisbin, A. Ganguli, V. Vemuri, P. Strzebonski, G. Cui, K.J. Allen, S.A. Desai, W. Lin, D.M. Nash, D.L. Hirschberg, I. Brooks, R. Bashir, and B.T. Cunningham


Rampage School Shootings
J. Levin and E. Madfis


Serverless Computing: An Investigation of Factors Influencing Microservice Performance
W. Lloyd, S. Ramesh, S. Chinthalapati, L. Ly, and S. Pallickara

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