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Factors Regulating Excystment of Alexandrium in Puget Sound, WA, USA
Stephanie K. Moore, Brian D. Bill, Levi R. Hay, Jennifer Emenegger, Kiara C. Eldred, Cheryl L. Greengrove, Julie Masura, and Donald M. Anderson


Microplastics Pollution in the Marine Environment
Luis Gabriel Barboza, Joao P.G.L. Frias, Andy Booth, Luis Vieira, Julie Masura, Joel Baker, Greg Foster, and Lucia Guilhermino


Alexandrium Catenella Cysts and Environmental Conditions in Puget Sound, WA: Results of a Cyst Survey
Cheryl Greengrove, K. Siân Davies-Vollum, James E. Gawel, J.R. Postel, A.M. Cox, J. Hubert, A. Abrahamson, Julie Masura, and B.W. Frost


Quartermaster Harbor Marine Water Quality Data Report 2007-2011
Cheryl Greengrove, Nick Schlafer, Nannette Huber, and Julie Masura


Comparison of Alexandrium Spp. Surface Sediment Cyst Maps From Quartermaster Harbor in 2007 and 2017
Cheryl Greengrove, Julie Masura, Thanh-Thuy Nguyen, and Mitchell Schatz


Alexandrium Ecology in Puget Sound: Bloom Transport and Climate Pathways
Stephanie Moore, Neil Banas, Eric Salathe, Nathan Mantua, James Johnstone, Cheryl Greengrove, Julie Masura, Brian Bill, Vera Trainer, Donald Anderson, and John Stein


Exploration of Microplastics in the Lower Puyallup River Watershed
Julie Masura, Shannon Black, Jessica Kelsey, and Mary Eldridge


Understanding Microplastic Marine Pollution With Citizen Science Partnerships
Julie Masura, Joel Baker, Susie Richards, Chris Burt, and Megan Addison


Alexandrium Cyst Distribution and Germination in Puget Sound
Cheryl Greengrove, Julie Masura, Stephanie Moore, Brian Bill, Levi Hay, Kiara Eldred, Neil Banas, Eric Salathe, Nat Mantua, James Johnstone, Donald Anderson, Vera Trainer, and John Stein


Submarine Deposition of a Subaerial Landslide in Taan Fiord, Alaska
P.J. Haeussler, S.P.S. Gulick, N. McCall, M. Walton, R. Reece, C. Larsen, Dan Shugar, M. Geertsema, J.G. Venditti, and K. Labay


Commercialization of Obstetric and Neonatal Care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Study of the Variability in User Fees in Lubumbashi, 2014
A.M. Ntambue, F.K. Malonga, M. Dramaix-Wilmet, T.M. Ilunga, A.N. Musau, C.M. Matungulu, Karen Cowgill, and P. Donnen


DAGS: Key Encapsulation Using Dyadic GS Codes
G. Banegas, Paulo Barreto, B.O. Boidje, P.-L. Cayrel, G.N. Dione, K. Gaj, C.T. Gueye, R. Haeussler, J.B. Klamti, O. N'Diaye, D.T. Nguyen, E. Persichetti, and J.E. Ricardini


Detecting Misogynous Tweets
R. Ahluwalia, E. Shcherbinina, E. Callow, Anderson Nascimento, and Martine De Cock

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