Most Recent Additions*


Second Shift Moms
Sydney Jones


Strong Chromatic Index of Subset Graphs
Jennifer J. Quinn and Arthur T. Benjamin


Narrating Resilience: Transforming Urban Systems Through Collaborative Storytelling
Bruce Evan Goldstein, Anne Taufen Wessells, Raul Lejano, and William Butler


The Good Doctor
Michael Kula


Inquiry as an Entry Point to Equity in the Classroom
Gail Tang, Houssein El Turkey, Emily Cilli-Turner, Milos Savic, Gulden Karakok, and David Plaxco


“Back in the Day”… What Are Surgeon Bloggers Saying About Their Careers?
Aaron D. Knox, Shalini Reddy, Briseida Mema, Marc DeMoya, Emily Cilli-Turner, and Ilene Harris


The Creativity-In-Progress Rubric (CPR) on Proving: Two Teaching Implementations and Students' Reported Usage
Houssein El Turkey, Gail Tang, Milos Savic, Gulden Karakok, Emily Cilli-Turner, and David Plaxco

*Updated as of 11/24/17.