Russ Schaub - The Grit-Tacoma Dome District

Russ Shaub, University of Washington Tacoma
Bara Safarova, University of Washington Tacoma
Anaid Yerena, University of Washington Tacoma


The need for a new design is stemming from the TOD and the future developments that are being implemented. These new developments are creating a sense of urgency for the site to stay current with what is being built within. The site has very deep roots that link to the history of the land and it’s people. It is important to create a design that encompasses the existing people and buildings that are currently on-site. Looking closer at specific areas within the district that could be used to draw in more people to the site. Using an urban design approach to fine-tune the more important areas. Creating a sense of identity and belonging through the story telling of the interactive art in place and have it guided by the community corridors making the site more self-aware and bringing more pride to the people. It is crucial to ensure that the district stays current and linked to the rest of the city. Designing a district that would attract more people into the site would be beneficial in many ways.