Queenie P Gipaya - Rethinkning Public Space at UWT

Queenie P. Gipaya, University of Washington Tacoma
Bara Safarova, University of Washington Tacoma


The built landscape in the UWT Area is characterized by a mixture of lower density single-family or largescale rental residences, public, private, commercial uses, and vacant or underutilized land. Commercial uses, which include mixed-use buildings, are concentrated along Pacific Avenue. Institutional land use makes the greater portion of land bordering the east quadrant of the site from Pacific Avenue to Market Street. Amid these uses are small proportions of public infrastructures that promote spiritual and healthy living. A significant amount of land within the UWT area is vacant or undeveloped. Most of the west quadrant parcels, east of Tacoma Avenue and west of Fawcett Avenue, are identified as vacant. Parking lots also occupy a large surface in the surrounding vicinity of institutional and commercial buildings