Most Recent Additions*


Advocacy and Social Justice
Christopher Beasley, Jason L.A., and Hunter B.A.


Hope as a Predictor of Reincarceration Among Mutual-Help Recovery Residents
Christopher Beasley, Michael Dekhtyar, Leonard A. Jason, and Joseph R. Ferrari


The “Virtual” Panel: A Computerized Model for LGBT Speaker Panels
Christopher Beasley, Susan Torres-Harding, and Paula J. Pedersen


Person–Environment Interactions Among Residents of Oxford Houses
Christopher Beasley, Leonard A. Jason, Steven A. Miller, Ed Stevens, and Joseph R. Ferrari


Special Section on LGBT Resilience Across Cultures: Introduction
Christopher Beasley, Richard A. Jenkins, and Maria Valenti


Income Generation in Recovering Heroin Users: A Comparative Analysis of Legal and Illegal Earnings
Christopher Beasley, Sarah Callahan, Anthony LoSasso, Bradley Olson, Stephanie Nisle, Kristina Campagna, and Leonard A. Jason


Suicide Attempts and Personal Need for Structure Among Ex-Offenders
Christopher Beasley, John M. Majer, and Leonard A. Jason


Theories in the Field of Community Psychology
Christopher Beasley, Kristen Gleason, Steven Miller, Daphna Ram, and Leonard Jason


Crowdsourcing Mutual-Help Research Funding
Christopher Beasley, Crystal Steltenpohl, and Emily Stecker


Early Intervention in Schizophrenia: A Literature Review
Sunny Chieh Cheng and Karen G. Schepp


Interoceptive Awareness Training for Women in SUD Treatment
Sunny Chieh Cheng, Cynthia Price, Sheila E. Crowell, and Elaine Thompson

*Updated as of 09/19/17.