University of Washington Tacoma

Access*: Interdisciplinary Journal of Student Research and Scholarship

ACCESS*: Interdisciplinary Journals of Student Research and Scholarship is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to showcasing outstanding scholarship at the University of Washington Tacoma by both graduate and undergraduate students across the disciplines. ACCESS* will accept submissions of student work in a variety of genres, including original case-studies, research papers, personal essays, field notes, chapters or sections of theses or capstone papers (revised into stand-alone papers). However, because we are a journal centered on student research and scholarship, we do not accept works of creative writing. Our goal at ACCESS* is to showcase strong academic work done by students. Submissions are accepted on an annual basis and will be published through Digital Commons after completion of a successful review process.

ACCESS* is committed, not just to publication, but to teaching—assisting students as they navigate the review process, collaborating with them to create publishable papers and making their work visible to prospective employers or graduate schools, as well as peers and scholars around the world.


Editor's Introduction 2023
Margaret L. Lundberg