University of Washington Tacoma

Access*: Interdisciplinary Journal of Student Research and Scholarship

About This Journal

ACCESS*: Interdisciplinary Journal of Student Research and Scholarship is an open-access academic journal designed to create awareness of outstanding research and scholarship by undergraduate and graduate students. ACCESS* will publish work from across the academic disciplines, with a focus on fostering open and critical inquiry while building understanding of the standards of scholarly discourse.

ACCESS* is overseen by an editorial/review board composed of faculty from across the disciplines, as well as Library and Twriting center professional staff. Each submission is reviewed by a group made up of faculty, staff, and graduate writing consultants. Our goal is to guide students through the the review and publication process, collaborating with them to produce and publish quality scholarly texts.

ACCESS* will be published through Digital Commons, an open-access platform that is fully-indexed and widely-searchable, linking authors to readers around the world. Authors will receive monthly reports on readership, along with the ability to access information regarding how their work is being read—and by whom. ACCESS* will also help to build the reputation of the University of Washington community, creating visibility for current students, but also providing prospective students with information about the quality education and opportunities available at the University of Washington Tacoma.