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Nichole Pace was born in Tacoma, Washington. She attended the University of Washington-Tacoma and earned a degree in Criminal Justice. Her future plans include earning a law degree from Tulane University and studying how United States foreign policy impacts global well-being and national security.

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Undergraduate Research Paper


The paper examines terrorism designation and material support laws for structural racism using Critical Race Theory. Legislation concerning terrorist organizations continues to limit efforts of humanitarian organizations and refugee applicants. The impact of such legislation extends beyond the designated terrorist organizations to the communities and countries they inhabit. This article describes the legal statutes and issues related to terrorist designation and material support laws before defining Critical Race Theory. The article seeks to understand the structural racism involved in the defined statutes and procedures. Using Critical Race Theory, the article defines how material support laws and terrorist designation procedures are inherently racist. The paper finishes by exploring avenues to address and counter the impact left by the current statutes and procedures related to material support laws and terrorist designation.


University of Washington Tacoma


TIAS 498 Independent Study: Critical Legal Theories


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