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Anastasia Cale is a Project Manager - Data Analyst at the Tacoma Housing Authority. She was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina and lived in four different countries in her childhood. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with honors from the United States Military Academy at West Point in May of 2012. She then spent five years in the United States Army in the Signal Corps and attained the rank of Captain where she deployed to multiple countries and was a Jumpmaster. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Community Planning at the University of Washington, Tacoma and is passionate about environmental sustainability and sustainability planning.

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Graduate Research Paper


Sustainability planning embodies ideals of how cities should be planning for a tomorrow that the entire world will share, and it places a third of its theorized emphasis on the importance of equity. This essay explores the tenets of sustainability planning, urban form values, and how to achieve a sustainable city. A framework of sustainability planning and urban form over time was applied to the City of Tacoma through an investigation of the One Tacoma Plan and historical documents with special emphasis on equity. This research shows that Tacoma has followed the urban form values through time and that although it has many tenets of sustainability, it is still lacking in the equity category – one of the “Three E’s” of sustainability planning (made up of environment, economy, equity). This investigation finds that the Hilltop Neighborhood in Tacoma is susceptible to gentrification and that increased focus on policy measures need to be implemented to protect residents of this historic neighborhood from displacement.


University of Washington Tacoma


TCMP 521: Planning Theory and Practice


Yonn Dierwechter