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Nichole is an interdisciplinary student of University of Washington Tacoma. Her communication research encompasses perspectives of political science, media and cultural studies. With a current emphasis on environmental communication, her future plans are to pursue an Academic career in cultural, environmental and anthropological disciplines.

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Undergraduate Research Paper


This paper explores an interpretation of Universal Pictures,’ Jurassic World (2015), to identify naturalized representations of human relationships and human relationships to the environment. Using the concepts of scholar, Noel Sturgeon, the ideological significance of these representations comes down to what she defines as “Politics of The Natural”. Through this avenue, this analysis examines Jurassic World as a text and reflection of normalized environmental worldviews, attitudes and values; as well as how these determine where humans place in this “naturalized” hierarchy. This essay will discuss environmental themes in the film, first, through Jurassic World as a symbol for the western concept of the “frontier”, second, the dynamics of white, patriarchal relationships with main character Owen Grady, and lastly will examine the militaristic themes presented in the weaponizing of the Velociraptors.


University of Washington Tacoma


TCOM 312 Ecology, Inequality and Popular Culture


Ellen Moore