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Elsa Muñoz-García is PhD candidate in Gender Studies at the University of Barcelona. She is writing a dissertation on Coalitions and Transnational Feminisms. She is currently a visiting scholar at the University of Washington Tacoma.

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Graduate Research Paper


This article gathers the critiques of “Western feminisms” that came up in conversations with Kurdish women during an ethnographic study of Kurdish women in Europe. The purpose is to build a conceptual foundation for a stronger coalition that is key to a transnational feminist discussion. In order to that I define a framework receptive of the criticism. I review some key elements in the existing conversation on hegemonic Western feminisms, such as eurocentrism and individualism. I also comment more features that I extracted from my study during my interactions with Kurdish women, such as institutionalized way of operating that keeps itself distance from grassroots movements. The resulting elements I comment on are a result of a way of operating that has been hegemonic in Western societies. In Western feminisms there continues to be an exclusion of narratives and experiences. Therefore, they need to be constantly reviewed and aim at building a politics of coalition.


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