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Adán Espino Jr is a recent graduate at the University of Washington Tacoma within the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences studying in its Law & Policy program. He is also the student lobbyist for UWT's student government and has spent the last two years working as such. In 2018-19 he, along with the student lobbyists of the other public four year universities, helped pass multiple higher education bills pertaining to student loans, student fees, educational resources, and childcare, the most notable being HB 2158. In 2019, he helped develop a partnership between UW Tacoma, the student government, and the Tacoma Housing Authority to provide subsidized housing for students. He plans to continue serving his community and has aspirations to attend graduate school at UW Seattle.

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As a general overview of Cyberpsace’s current state within international law, The Next Frontier introduces readers to an evolving landscape of both international law and diplomacy. Cyberspace and Cyberwarfare are ever more paramount to how states conduct relations and seek to advance their interests. Such a domain cannot be ignored as technology advances and its uses become increasingly widespread. As such, the current void of comprehensive law or regulations around such pose a strong disadvantage for states, especially in instances of Cyberwarfare. Current international law can be interpreted to provide a foundation for more specific consensus to be built on, but little exists outside of that and especially in regard to non hostile acts. This paper condenses the loose pieces of international law that exists into a general overview for readers. It is hoped this general overview will inspire more minds to develop the increasingly important field of Cyber Law and build upon the law that currently exists.


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