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Steve Mwangi is a passionate Undergraduate student of Computer Science and Systems at University of Washington (Tacoma Campus). He enjoys reading, working out, travelling and tackling math or computer programming challenges. If he is not partaking in one of his hobbies, he is probably brooding over when to take his next cup of coffee. A lifelong learner, Steve is always eager to learn new things. He has great initiative towards tackling new and existent challenges in the technology sector.

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We will be looking into the application of Matrix Algebra in forming Hamming Codes. Hamming Codes are essential not just in the detection of errors, but also in the linear concurrent correction of these errors. The matrices we will use, will have entries that are binary units. Binary units are mathematically convenient, and their simplicity permits the representation of many open and closed circuits used in communication systems. The entries in the matrices will represent a message that is meant for transmission or reception, akin to the contemporary application of Hamming Codes in wireless communication. We will use Hamming (7,4) Codes which are linear subspaces of the 7-dimensional vector space over F2, the base field.


University of Washington Tacoma


TMATH 308 Matrix Algebra with Applications


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