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Isabel M. Garcia is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington Tacoma, double majoring in psychology and literature. She has a passion for gender studies and storytelling. Garcia hopes to earn a higher education in the field of psychology and further her research in graduate school.

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Undergraduate Research Paper


This paper examines the multiple ways Filipina migrant workers are exploited through lack of compensation, unfit working conditions in the midst of a global pandemic, and the amount of physical and sexual abuse that goes unreported. All of these effects compound to give Filipina migrant workers a worse state of mental health, as illustrated by higher depression and PTSD levels. The unique intersectional identities of Filipina migrant workers such as their ethnicity, economic status, and gender, are analyzed to shed light on the atrocities inflicted upon millions of women trying to better their own family’s life. Migrant Filipina women experience discrimination based on the sexualization of their cultural identities, job insecurity due to unstable immigration laws, and extremely long unregulated work hours without accountability held to their employers. This paper aims to spread awareness on the stories of these women and the trauma they are subjected to everyday, in order to promote more secure laws of protection, change, and safety for migrant workers everywhere.


University of Washington Tacoma


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