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Brooklyn is genderqueer sweetheart attending University of Washington Tacoma. They are a Law and Policy major with a minor in Human Rights. At the time of publication, they intend to attend law school and specialize in immigration law. They are passionate about the many narratives around abolition, immigration, gender, and the ways they are or could be applied to legal frameworks. They enjoy dissecting complex theories and finding ways to think and write about big ideas in ways that feel applicable to real life experience.

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Undergraduate Research Paper


U.S prison reform policies such as the Prison Rape Elimination Act pacify the government and the public into believing that prisons are a less harmful place for vulnerable inmates. However, thousands of transgender inmates in the United States experience extraordinary rates of violence and discrimination for their gender identity. There are difficulties in determining exact statistics of gender-based incidents of assault due to dueling structures of legal power and questionable support from prison authorities. However, from available information, trans inmates report dehumanizing prison environments that severely impact their wellbeing. This literature draws upon the current status of incarcerated trans inmates’ protection policies, identifies academic methodology to advocate for better research, and recognizes organizations campaigning for better prison conditions. This piece argues that the federal policies aimed at alleviating the brutal experiences of gendered violence are less effective than the aforementioned organizations.


University of Washington Tacoma


TLAW 348: Gender and Law


Cynthia Howson