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Yuri Arakaki is a senior at University of Washington currently majoring in arts, media, and culture, but plans to pursue graduate school in community-based psychology, having a special interest in action and reform against class disparity alongside other social welfare issues.

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Undergraduate Research Paper


Through a Marxist analytical lens, this research presents a critical examination of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s Netflix Original Squid Game (2021). With the objective of exposing the major liabilities of a modern capitalist model, this paper provides context and a framework of Marxist analysis, followed by a discussion of the media form itself, the illusion of freedom, and elements of dehumanization and violence. It also examines the rapacious urgency of supply and demand, perpetuated by capitalism in the television show, as well as in its parallel manifestation in reality.


University of Washington


TCOM 444: Gender, Ethnicity, Class, And The Media


Ellen Moore