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I am currently enrolled as a junior at the University of Washinton Tacoma. I am working towards a bachelor's degree in the Arts.

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Undergraduate Research Paper


Studio Ghibli’s 1997 beloved film, Princess Mononoke, follows the story of warrior and hero Prince Ashitaka as he fights to cure himself from a deadly curse and save a forest from being destroyed along with all of the creatures that call it home and the residents of the nearby village Iron Town. This paper will show the process of the semiotic analysis that I have performed on Hayao Miyazaki’s classic animated movie. I perform this analysis through the lens of an ecofeminist critique, a type of analytical theory that measures up human issues and social conflict with environmental issues. In my essay, I will show how the social identities of the characters interact with the natural environment around them, and what deeper meaning the ideology of the film could hold in the context of an environmental setting and why this type of interaction, in this kind of media text, matters.


University of Washington Tacoma


TCOM 312 A Wi 23: Ecology, Inequality, And Popular Culture


Dr. Ellen Moore