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Date of Award

Summer 5-25-2023

Author Requested Restriction

Open Access (no restriction)

Work Type

Dissertation in Practice

Degree Name

Doctor of Educational Leadership (EdD)


UWT-Muckleshoot Cohort Doctoral Program

First Advisor

Dr. Robin Minthorn

Second Advisor

Dr. Michelle Montgomery

Third Advisor

Dr. Dawn Hardison-Stevens



This study seeks to determine if Universal Design for Learning could serve as a culturally sustaining classroom framework for supporting Indigenous students in classroom settings. It also shares the perceived proficiency of Indigenous parents by those serving in a caregiver role for Indigenous youth, as well as the perceived potential of specific elements of Universal Design for Learning in supporting their students. As an Indigenous woman, I recognize the importance of asking Indigenous families if this strategy is worthy of further research, before conducting research into the efficacy of Universal Design for Learning in this way. This research project also explores the k-12th grade educational experience of Indigenous caregivers and provides potential models for where Indigenous Leadership Frameworks and Universal Design for Learning align and where they are misaligned. My research found significant alignment between Universal Design for Learning practices and Indigenous Leadership Frameworks. The survey data from caregivers of Indigenous children also confirms this alignment, though more research may be necessary that would broaden the demographics represented in the data from this survey.

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