Merrell's Strong Kids, Grades 6-8: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum


Merrell's Strong Kids, Grades 6-8: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum



Teach social-emotional competence--the foundation of school and social success--with the NEW editions of the Strong Kids--Grades 6-8 curriculum! Strong Kids is the fun and easy way to help your students develop the social-emotional skills they need to manage their challenges and succeed in school and life. Developed by a team of educational and mental health experts, this evidence-based, age-appropriate curriculum is: Low cost and low tech; Proven to help increase students' knowledge of healthy behavior; Easy to implement with no training required; Brief enough to use with any program. Through engaging, thought-provoking classroom activities, students learn about emotions and the social-emotional skills they'll use for the rest of their lives: managing anger, reducing stress, solving interpersonal problems, and much more. This scientifically-based curriculum runs for 12 weeks, and lessons are easy to fit into your existing schedule (especially with the new options for breaking them into smaller chunks). Partially scripted lessons, handouts, and worksheets are included--all photocopiable and available as downloads--so teachers have everything they need to implement the program with little added cost or preparation-- Strong Kids--6-8 is a research-based curriculum for educators that can be used across all developmental levels to promote social-emotional skills and competencies. This innovative social and emotional learning curriculum is filled with engaging, thought-provoking classroom activities that help students develop vital life-long skills, including understanding emotions, managing anger, relieving stress, solving interpersonal problems, and more. The curriculum runs between 10 to 12 weeks and takes approximately 45 minutes per lesson. Schools will benefit from the lasting effects of resilient students with fewer mental health and behavioral programs and better academic outcomes. Major revisions to this second edition include a crosswalk for each lesson with the five social emotional learning objectives from CASEL, a fidelity checklist, information on how the curriculum fits into the RTI/MTSS framework in tiers 1 and 2, shorter scripts, and directions on how to chunk lessons into more manageable parts. These revisions were informed by extensive customer reviews of the first edition.

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Merrell's Strong Kids, Grades 6-8: A Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum