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"Deep cuts could end services" by Marques Hunter

"Silencing the campus vote" by Meg Smith

"Hidalgo, great race for survival" by Penney White

"Vladimir Putin takes the vote with ease" by Andrei Birjukov

"Fesco trades peace and profits with Port of Tacoma" by Carmela Amador

"National character blends with stereotypes" by Nikta Perepelkin

"Russian language under attack" by Kim Korshunov

"Russian media criticizes Putin's reelection" by Arseny Prudnikov

"East meets West: Marriage made in Russia" by Dasha Osina

"Russian student unites with American culture" by Rafael Saakov

"Russia fights terrorist ideals in concert" by Simon Nekhoroshkin

"Russian media favors Kerry as candidate" by Ivan Tarasenko

"Election 2004: Little Tsakhes win the landslide in the first tour" by Arseniy Proudnikov

"Chronicles of Iraq" by Andrew Kots

"Media manipulating voter opinion" by Marques Hunter

"Kerry righting what Bush wronger" by Carmela Amador

"Russia in our words: Two UWT students on their journalism experience in Moscow" by Carmela Amador, Marques Hunter

"Yassen Zassoursky: The other side of the globe" by Ksenia Krohina, Artem Ivanov, Marques Hunter

Publication Date

Spring 4-8-2004


Journalist Staff: Andrew Kots, Ksenia Krohina, Artem Ivanov, Simon Nekhoroshkin, Arseniy Proudnikov, Ivan Tarasenko, Andrei Birjukov, Kim Korshunov, Nikita Perepelkin, Raphael Saakov, Dasha Osina, Professor Maria Lukina (faculty advisor) Ledger Staff: Marques Hunter, Carmela Amador, Dr. Chris Demaske (faculty advisor)

Journalist April 2004