'I Want Child Care He's Gonna Be Happy In': A Case Study of a Father's Child Care Experiences

Susan E. Collins
Daniel K. Malone
Seema L. Clifasefi
Joshua A. Ginzler
Michelle D. Garner, University of Washington Tacoma
Bonnie Burlingham
Heather S. Lonczak
Elizabeth A. Dana
Megan Kirouac


Research Findings: This in-depth single case study explores the experiences of a single father with finding and maintaining child care for his son. This American middle-income, Caucasian father lives and works in Minnesota. Findings include difficulty locating and maintaining child care, dissatisfaction with child care quality, concerns about paying for care, and using grandparents as a secondary form of care. Practice or Policy: This article contributes to the literature because it is the only case study available about a father's involvement in child care and how single fathers engage with nonparental care.