Comparing Mothers in Kinship Foster Care: Reunification vs. Remaining in Care

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"Kinship care has traditionally been an informal service that family members provide for each other in times of crisis. More recently, however, it has also become part of the child welfare system's array of services. But what do we really know about kinship care as a child welfare service?" "The contributors to Kinship Care: Improving Practice Through Research look at a broad range of current studies to answer that question. Chapters include discussions that focus on permanency planning for children in kinship care, the children and their families, and on the kinship caregivers themselves. Finally, the editors propose a detailed agenda for future research in this field. Kinship Care is a valuable resource for practitioners who seek to better understand the complex issues that arise when relatives care for children. Book jacket."--Jacket.

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Kinship Care: Improving Practice Through Research

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