Perceptions of Men Who Have Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence on Creating a Transition to Fatherhood Program

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The transition to fatherhood can be a time of stress and excitement for expectant and new fathers. At the same time, the impact of men’s use of intimate partner violence (IPV) during and following pregnancy on women is well documented. Currently, a lack of programmatic efforts to engage men during the transition to fatherhood to interrupt IPV exists. This study sought to illuminate the perceptions of men, who had recently become fathers and had perpetrated IPV, about the idea of a transition to fatherhood program, for men like themselves. The thirteen study participants universally favored the idea of and need for such a program. Findings also described participants’ identified timing, format, and topics, which could inform future development of transition to fatherhood program for men who have perpetrated IPV. Policy and practice implications for social service and health care providers include implementing pre- and post-natal screening of men. © 2018 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature

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Journal of Family Violence

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