Recycle.io: An IoT-Enabled Framework for Urban Waste Management

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Addressing environmentally safe management of waste is becoming increasingly a challenging task. The predicament of the rate at which waste is generated due to increasing populations is also contributing to this challenge. One possible approach for effectively handling waste can be achieved by source reduction and recycling. The problem, however, improving the collection of waste can be costly particularly during the source separation process after waste is collected. It would be desirable if there exists a mechanism that can help municipalities, local governments or waste management companies to monitor in real-time sources of violations prior to the waste collection process. In this paper, we introduce recycle.io, an Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled waste management system that is based on a serverless architecture that can identify these sources of violations. Using recycle.io, it is then possible to track the violations geographically which can help local governments, for example, to improve or enforce tighter regulations for waste disposal. Our recycle.io system uses Microsoft Azure IoT Hub for device management. Throughout the paper, we demonstrate usefulness of using our approach for urban waste management in smart cities.

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2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data)

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