Building Containerized Workflows Using the BioDepot-Workflow-Builder

Ling-Hong Hung, University of Washington Tacoma
Jiaming Hu
Trevor Meiss
Alyssa Ingersoll
Wes Lloyd, University of Washington Tacoma
Daniel Kristiyanto
Yuguang Xiong
Eric Sobie
Ka Yee Yeung


Summary We present the BioDepot-workflow-builder (Bwb), a software tool that allows users to create and execute reproducible bioinformatics workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. Graphical widgets represent Docker containers executing a modular task. Widgets are linked graphically to build bioinformatics workflows that can be reproducibly deployed across different local and cloud platforms. Each widget contains a form-based user interface to facilitate parameter entry and a console to display intermediate results. Bwb provides tools for rapid customization of widgets, containers, and workflows. Saved workflows can be shared using Bwb’s native format or exported as shell scripts.