Panel: Online Learning, the Educators Experiences

Bryan Goda, University of Washington Tacoma
Dan Bogaard
Hollis Greenberg
George Grispos
Rick Homkes
Kevin McReynolds


Much has been researched and written about the trials and techniques of imparting education to students in technical fields like Information Technology via online learning. Even more work has been done about the students experiences in online courses. What this panel is hoping to engender is to start a discussion about online learning from the teachers' point of view, their trials and tribulations. It is our hope to start a discussion with the attendees and be able to share our triumphs, failures, theories, tools, approaches and fears. Attendees need no personal experience in online teaching, just a curiosity of what the endeavor might be like. Attendees with personal experience might find others with similar experiences, commiserate and hopefully find new pathways forward together.