Teaching conflict resolution strategies through multiethnic literature

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Part I. Teaching about issues of intolerance -- Struggling with the Meaning of Tolerance / Caroline E. Heller and Joseph A. Hawkins Jr. -- After Freedom : Jim Crow in Life and Literature / Milton Kleg and Celia Bard -- Noticing 'The Color Purple' : Personalizing the Invisible / Mari M. McLean and Christine M. Gibson -- The Foreigner at Home : Faces of Asian Diaspora in Tan and Nunez Toming / Jun Liu -- Teaching Chinua Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart' / Carol Danks -- The Salem Witch Trials : History Repeats Itself / Bonnie R. Albertson -- Teaching Conflict-Resolution Strategies through Multiethnic Literature / Belinda Yun-Ying Louie and Douglas H. Louie -- Young People Respond to the Elderly / Leatrice B. Rabinsky -- Peer Dialogue Journals : An Approach to Teaching Tolerance / Kate Kessler -- Part II. Teaching about issues of genocide -- Defining Genocide : Words Do Matter / Samuel Totten -- Teaching the 'Holodomor' Ukraine Famine : Issues of Language, Literary Pedagogy, and Learning / Judith P. Robertson -- Teaching about Women in Twentieth-Century Genocides / Marjorie Bingham -- Academic and Pedagogical Issues in Teaching the Holocaust / Sandra Stotsky -- Teaching the Holocaust in the English Classroom : Hearing the Voices, Touching the History / Grace M. Caporino -- Incorporating Poetry into a Study of the Holocaust / Samuel Totten -- It's Not Just What You Teach, But Who You Teach / Sallie M. Fine., Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Teaching for a tolerant world, grades 9-12: essays and resources

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