Submissions from 2009

Governmental Rationalities of Environmental City-Building in Contemporary China, Lisa M. Hoffman

Le Soglie Delle Trasformazioni Urbane: Immigrazione E Ordine All’Esquilino, Pierpaolo Mudu


Where is Hardt and Negri's Multitude?: Real Networks in Open Spaces, Pierpaolo Mudu

Urban Politics and the Production of Capital Mobility in the United States, Mark Pendras

Policy Design for Ecological Targets - Constructing the Urban Environment as Worth It, Anne Taufen Wessells

Submissions from 2008

Labour Market Intermediation, James W. Harrington Jr. and Nicholas Velluzzi

Dignity and Indignation: How People Experiencing Homelessness View Services and Providers, Lisa M. Hoffman and Brian Coffey

Submissions from 2007

Services and Development in the Asia-Pacific: Introduction and Overview, Peter W. Daniels and James W. Harrington Jr.

The People’s Food: The Ingredients of “Ethnic” Hierarchies and the Development of Chinese Restaurants in Rome, Pierpaolo Mudu

Rome: Administrative Spatial Divisions and Citizens Mobilization Patterns., Pierpaolo Mudu and Daria Pessina

The Creative Work of Collaborative Governance: Actor Networks and Watershed Park Planning, Anne Taufen Wessells

Submissions from 2006

International and Regional Dynamics of Knowledge-Based Services, James W. Harrington Jr. and Peter W. Daniels

Autonomous Choices and Patriotic Professionalism: On Governmentality in Late-Socialist China, Lisa M. Hoffman

Post-Secondary Education: Education, Training, and Technology Services, Hyungjoo Kim and James W. Harrington Jr.

Community and Economic Development: Seeking Common Ground in Discourse and in Practice, Raul P. Lejano and Anne Taufen Wessells

I Caratteri Sociali Del VII Municipio. [Social Characters of the Seventh Municipality of Rome], Pierpaolo Mudu

La Circonferenza Apparente: La Periferia Romana Tra Luoghi Comuni E Non Comuni. [The Apparent Circumference: The Roman Periphery Between Common and Uncommon Places], Pierpaolo Mudu

L’immigrazione Straniera a Roma: Tra Divisioni Del Lavoro E Produzione Degli Spazi Sociali, Pierpaolo Mudu

Patterns of Segregation in Contemporary Rome, Pierpaolo Mudu


The New Romans: Ethnic Economic Activities in Rome, Pierpaolo Mudu

Il VII Municipio Di Roma: La Percezione Dei Consiglieri Circoscrizionali Delle Problematiche Territoriali. [Seventh Municipality of Rome: Perception of the Councillors of Territorial Problems], Pierpaolo Mudu and Daria Pessina

Whither Critical Inquiry?, Mark Pendras

Submissions from 2005

Changing Backdrops in Rome: An Exploration of the Geography of Social Centers, Pierpaolo Mudu

A Comparative Evaluation of Recent Chinese Immigration in USA and Italy: Settlement Patterns and Local Resistance, Pierpaolo Mudu and Wei Lei

Submissions from 2004

"Destroy the Scum, and Then Neuter Their Families:" The Web Forum as a Vehicle for Community Discourse?, Brian Coffey and Stephen Woolworth

Resisting and Challenging Neoliberalism: The Development of Italian Social Centers, Pierpaolo Mudu

Submissions from 2003

Enterprising Cities and Citizens: The Re-Figuring of Urban Spaces and the Making of Post-Mao Professionals, Lisa M. Hoffman

Gli Esquilini: Contributi Al Dibattito Sulle Trasformazioni Nel Rione Esquilino Di Roma Dagli Anni Settanta Al Duemila. [The Esquilini: Notes on the Transformations of the Esquilino Area in Rome From 1970s to 2000], Pierpaolo Mudu

Submissions from 2002

Disaster Vulnerability of Businesses in the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake, Stephanie E. Chang and Anthony Falit-Baiamonte

Repressive Tolerance: The Gay Movement and the Vatican in Rome, Pierpaolo Mudu


The Use of Benefit-Cost Analysis for Evaluation of Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Decisions, Richard O. Zerbe, Anthony Falit-Baiamonte, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center, and United States-Japan Cooperative Research Program in Urban Earthquake Disaster Mitigation

Submissions from 2000

An Equity Model for Locating Environmentally Hazardous Facilities, Anthony Falit-Baiamonte and Jeffrey P. Osleeb

Submissions from 1999

Social and Economic Change and Intrametropolitan Migration, Richard Morrill and Anthony Falit-Baiamonte

Dinamica Urbana E Funzione Turistico-Ricettiva Nelle Metropoli D’arte. Una Proposta Di Analisi Nell’esempio Di Roma [Urban Dynamic and Turistic Function in Historical Metropolis. A Proposal of Analysis for the City of Rome]. Rivista Geografica Italiana, Pierpaolo Mudu


Report on “Roma: Logiche Di Sviluppo Degli Esercizi Alberghieri. Un’analisi Dei Rioni Del Centro Storico Dopo Le Olimpiadi Del 1960” [Rome: Logic of Development in the Hotel Industry. Analysis of Central Districts After the Rome Olimpics of 1960]”, Pierpaolo Mudu