Submissions from 2008

Leading Change During an Inpatient Critical Care Unit Expansion, Theresa Braungardt and Sharon G. Fought

The Influence of Depression on Sexual Risk Reduction and STD Infection in a Controlled, Randomized Intervention Trial, Alan E C Holden, Rochelle N. Shain, Warren B. Miller, Jeanna M. Piper, Sondra T. Perdue, Andrea Ries Thurman, and Jeffrey E. Korte

The Concept of Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis, Susan L. Johnson

The Concept of Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis, Susan L. Johnson

Predicting Regular Breast Cancer Screening in African-American Women With a Family History of Breast Cancer, Sharon S. Laing and Kepher Makambi

Submissions from 2007

Integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine Instruction Into Health Professions Education: Organizational and Instructional Strategies, Mary Y. Lee, Rita Benn, Leslie Wimsatt, Jane B. Cornman, Joan Hedgecock, Susan Gerik, Janice Zeller, Mary Jo Kreitzer, Pamela Allweiss, Claudia Finklestein, and Aviad Haramati

Changes in Political Astuteness After a Health Systems and Policy Course, Janet Primomo

Submissions from 2006

Integrating CAM Into Nursing Curricula: CAM Camp as an Educational Intervention, Jane B. Cornman, Catherine A. Carr, and Margaret M. Heitkemper

Patients' Perceptions of Today's Nursing Attire: Exploring Dual Images, Victoria J. Skorupski and Ruth E. Rhea

Being Healthy: Voices of Adolescent Women Who Are Parenting, Christine A. Stevens

Submissions from 2005

Impact of Management Development on Nurse Retention, Alexis A. Wilson

Submissions from 2003

The Nurse-Client Relationship in a Stress Management Clinic, June S. Lowenberg

Startle Eyeblink Modulation: Detecting Changes in Directed Attentional Allocation During Early Preattentive Processing, Sharon Steele-Laing and Leslie H. Hicks

Long-term Follow-up Care Recommendations After Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty: Results of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons' Member Survey, Steven M. Teeny, Sally C. York, J Wesley Mesko, and Ruth E. Rhea

Understanding Benchmarks, Alexis A. Wilson and Lisa Nathan

Submissions from 2002

The Domestic Violence Survivor Assessment: A Tool for Counseling Women in Intimate Partner Violence Relationships, Jacqueline Dienemann, Jacquelyn Campbell, Karen Landenburger, and Mary Ann Curry

Normative Treatment Guidelines in Home Care: Building the Case, Alexis A. Wilson

Submissions from 2001

Effect of Sexual and Physical Abuse on Symptom Experiences in Women With Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Margaret Heitkemper, Monica Jarrett, Priscilla Taylor, Edward Walker, Karen Landenburger, and Eleanor F. Bond

Ensuring the Quality of OASIS Data: One Agency’s Plan, Cindi Pentz and Alexis A. Wilson

Submissions from 2000

Normative Treatment Guidelines in Home Care: Building the Case, Alexis A. Wilson

Submissions from 1998

Critical Care for the Multiply Injured Patient, Sharon G. Fought

The Dynamics of Leaving and Recovering from an Abusive Relationship, Kären M. Landenburger

Moving Theory to Practice: A Domestic Violence Intervention... 31st Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference/12th Annual WIN Assembly, "Quality Research for Quality Practice", Held May 7-9, 1998 in Phoenix, Arizona, L C. Robrecht, Karen Landenburger, and M A. Curry

Submissions from 1997

Female adolescent response to childhood sexual abuse, Jane B. Cornman

Who's Responsible? Clients in a Stress Management Clinic, June S. Lowenberg

Submissions from 1996

Errorless Compliance to Parental Requests III: Group Parent Training With Parent Observational Data and Long-Term Follow-Up, Joseph M. Ducharme, Michele Popynick, Edite Pontes, and Sharon Steele

Submissions from 1995

Health Promotion and the "Ideology of Choice", June S. Lowenberg

Submissions from 1994

Novice Critical Care Nurses' Affective Responses to Orientation, Sandra V. Dunn and Sharon G. Fought

The Nurse-Patient Relationship Reconsidered: An Expanded Research Agenda, June S. Lowenberg

Beyond Medicalisation-Demedicalisation: The Case of Holistic Health, June S. Lowenberg and Fred Davis

Submissions from 1993

Childhood Cancer: Differential Effects on the Family Members, Jane B. Cornman

Submissions from 1992

Outcome vs Process: An Innovative Response to New Joint Commission Standards, Ruth E. Rhea, William B. Spring, and Timothy E. Koenig

Submissions from 1990

The High Environmental Cost of Disposable Diapers, Janet Primomo, Anna M. Bruck, Patricia K. Greenstreet, Linda A. Leaders, Laurian Pennylegion, Mary K. Salazar, and Alma Miller Ware

Submissions from 1989

A Process of Entrapment In and Recovery From an Abusive Relationship, Karen Landenburger

Submissions from 1986

Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Satellite Health Centers: The Pending Demise of an Organizational Form?, Edward F. Brooks and Susan L. Johnson