Submissions from 2019


Seeing by the Starbucks: The Social Context of Mobile Maps and Users’ Geographic Knowledges, Craig M. Dalton and Jim Thatcher

Invasion and Citizen Mobilization: Urban Natures in Dalian, Lisa M. Hoffman

Public Housing Authorities in the Private Market, Rachel Garshick Kleit, Whitney Airgood-Obrycki, and Anaid Yerena


Dies-Non: Refusal of Work in the 21st Century, P. Mudu


Ruin Tours: Performing and Consuming Decay in Detroit, Emma Jean Slager


Checking in on Critical Cartography:, Jim Thatcher and Craig Dalton

Submissions from 2018

Unsettling Planning Theory, J. Barry, M. Horst, A. Inch, C. Legacy, S. Rishi, J.J. Rivero, Anne Taufen, J.M. Zanotto, and A. Zitcer

Framing Digital Exclusion in Technologically Mediated Urban Spaces, M. Kelley

Livability and the Challenge of Planning in Tehran, Ali Modarres

Book Review of Ours to Lose: When Squatters Became Homeowners in New York City by Amy Starecheski, Pierpaolo Mudu

Occupations of Housing and Social Centers in Rome: A Durable Resistance to Neoliberalism and Institutionalization, Pierpaolo Mudu and Luisa Rossini

Politicisation of Community Development: Universities as Boundary Objects, Anne Taufen

Submissions from 2017

Squatting Movements: Reappropriating Democracy From the State, Andrea Aureli and Pierpaolo Mudu

Residential Mobility of Low-Income, Subsidized Households: A Synthesis of Explanatory Frameworks, Victoria Basolo and Anaid Yerena

The Smart State as Utopian Space for Urban Politics, Yonn Dierwechter

What's Smart Growth Got to Do With Smart Cities? Searching for the 'Smart City Region' in Greater Seattle, Yonn Dierwechter

The Travels, Triumphs and Travails of New Urbanism: Representational Geographies in US Newspapers, 1990–2012, Yonn Dierwechter and Brian Coffey

Subject Formation as a Field of Inquiry in Urban Studies, Lisa Hoffman

“Doing Good”: Affect, Neoliberalism, and Responsibilization Among Volunteers in China and the United States, Lisa M. Hoffman and Hope Reidun John

Urban Studies and Thinking Topologically, Lisa M. Hoffman and Jim E. Thatcher

Visualizing New Political Ecologies: A Critical Data Studies Analysis of the World Bank’s Renewable Energy Resource Mapping Initiative, James McCarthy and Jim Thatcher

Reexamining Race and Ethnicity in the Suburbs, Ali Modarres

Spatiality, Maps, and Mathematics in Critical Human Geography: Toward a Repetition With Difference, David O'Sullivan, Luke Bergmann, and Jim Thatcher

Evolving Technology, Shifting Expectations: Cultivating Pedagogy for a Rapidly Changing GIS Landscape, Britta Ricker and Jim Thatcher

Looking Back to Detroit for a (Counter-Mapping) Path Forward, Jim Thatcher

Sousveillant and Locative Media, Jim Thatcher


Land Trusts Could Aid Tacoma Affordability, Anaid Yerena

Using Social Media to Inform and Engage Urban Dwellers in La Paz, Mexico, Anaid Yerena and Victoria Basolo

Submissions from 2016


Critical Data Studies: A Dialog on Data and Space, Craig M. Dalton, Linnet Taylor, and Jim Thatcher

“Serving and Providing for Those ‘In Need’: ‘Intermediary’ Spaces and Practices of Liaising, Collaborating, and Mobilizing in Urban China” in New Mentalities of Government in China, Lisa M. Hoffman

Not Only Riflusso: The Repression and Transformation of Radical Movements in Italy Between 1978 and 1985, Pierpaolo Mudu

Il Cammino Tortuoso Per “Mettere in Comune”. Le Occupazioni Come Una Pratica Di Definizione Dei Diritti, Pierpaolo Mudu and Andrea Aureli

Evaluating the Policy–Practice Gap in a Transitional Housing Program An Innovation in Process Evaluation, Jessica Perez and Anaid Yerena


The Object of Mobile Spatial Data, the Subject in Mobile Spatial Research, Jim Thatcher


Searching for Common Ground (Again), Jim Thatcher, Luke Bergmann, and David O'Sullivan

Revisiting Critical GIS, Jim Thatcher, Luke Bergmann, Britta Ricker, Reuben Rose-Redwood, David O'Sullivan, Trevor J. Barnes, Luke R. Barnesmoore, Laura Beltz Imaoka, Ryan Burns, Jonathan Cinnamon, Craig M. Dalton, Clinton Davis, Stuart Dunn, Francis Harvey, Jin-Kyu Jung, Ellen Kersten, LaDona Knigge, Nick Lally, Wen Lin, Dillon Mahmoudi, Michael Martin, Will Payne, Amir Sheikh, Taylor Shelton, Eric Sheppard, Chris W. Strother, Alexander Tarr, Matthew W. Wilson, and Jason C. Young

Provenance and Possibility, Thoughts Towards a Scheme for Urban Data, Jim Thatcher and Craig M. Dalton

Data Colonialism Through Accumulation by Dispossession: New Metaphors for Daily Data, Jim Thatcher, David O’Sullivan, and Dillon Mahmoudi

Introduction to Social Media and Location Minitrack, J. Thatcher and B. Ricker

Submissions from 2015


Inflated Granularity: Spatial 'Big Data' and Geodemographics, Craig M. Dalton and Jim Thatcher

Infrastructure and the Shaping of American Urban Geography, Yonn Dierwechter and Ali Modarres

Narrating Resilience: Transforming Urban Systems Through Collaborative Storytelling, Bruce Evan Goldstein, Anne Taufen Wessells, Raul Lejano, and William Butler

Partnering for a Seamless Transition to Higher Education: Lessons Learned, Lisa Hoffman

Mobile Geospatial Search and the Limits of Knowledge: Linking Application Design and Use in Time and Space, Jim Thatcher


Advocacy in Action: Understanding the Influence of Advocacy Organizations on Local Affordable Housing Policy in the U.S., Anaid Yerena


The Impact of Advocacy Organizations on Low-Income Housing Policy in U.S. Cities, Anaid Yerena

Submissions from 2014


The Use of Social Media for Citizen Engagement: the Case of SAPAS in La Paz, Mexico, Victoria Basolo and Anaid Yerena

Guest Editorial: What's So Big About Big Data? Finding the Spaces and Perils of Big Data, Ryan Burns and Jim Thatcher

The Spaces That Smart Growth Makes: Sustainability, Segregation, and Residential Change Across Greater Seattle, Yonn Dierwechter


Housing and Homelessness in Contemporary Rome, Pierpaolo Mudu


Ogni Sfratto Sarà Una Barricata: Squatting for Housing and Social Conflict in Rome, Pierpaolo Mudu


Where Is Culture in Rome? Self-Managed Social Centers and the Right to Urban Space, Pierpaolo Mudu

Fuzzy Boundaries: Hybridizing Location-Based Services, Volunteered Geographic Information and Geovisualization Literature, Britta Ricker, Sylvie Daniel, and Nick Hedley

Implications of Smartphone Usage on Privacy and Spatial Cognition: Academic Literature and Public Perceptions, Britta Ricker, Nadine Schuurman, and Fritz Kessler


Living on Fumes: Digital Footprints, Data Fumes, and the Limitations of Spatial Big Data, Jim Thatcher

The Electronic Trauma Health Record: Design and Usability of a Novel Tablet-Based Tool for Trauma Care and Injury Surveillance in Low Resource Settings, Eiman Zargaran, Nadine Schuurman, Andrew J. Nicol, Richard Matzopoulos, Jonathan Cinnamon, Tracey Taulu, Britta Ricker, David Ross Garbutt Brown, Pradeep Navsaria, and S. Morad Hameed

Submissions from 2013

Smart City-Regionalism in Seattle: Progressing Transit Nodes in Labor Space?, Yonn Dierwechter

Smart Growth and State Territoriality, Yonn Dierwechter

The Uneven Localisation of Climate Action in Metropolitan Seattle, Yonn Dierwechter and Anne Taufen Wessells

'Dear Diary' Revisited: Reflecting on Collaborative Journaling, Catrina A. Mackenzie, Britta Ricker, Julia Christensen, Elizabeth Heller, Emily Kagan, Philip M. Osano, Lindsay Long, and Sarah Turner

Where Global Meets Local: Italian Social Centres and the Alterglobalization Movement, Andrea Membretti and Pierpaolo Mudu

Boyle Heights: A Brief Demographic and Health Profile, Ali Modarres

Commuting and Energy Consumption: Toward an Equitable Transportation Policy, Ali Modarres

Resisting and Challenging Neoliberalism: The Development of Italian Social Centers, Pierpaolo Mudu

Tourism and Environmental Change in Barbados: Gathering Citizen Perspectives With Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), Britta A. Ricker, Peter A. Johnson, and Renee E. Sieber

Avoiding the Ghetto Through Hope and Fear: An Analysis of Immanent Technology Using Ideal Types, Jim Thatcher


From Volunteered Geographic Information to Volunteered Geographic Services, Jim Thatcher

Submissions from 2012


A Story-Centered Approach to the Newspaper Coverage of High-Profile SMOs, Edwin Amenta, Beth Gharrity Gardner, Amber Celina Tierney, Anaid Yerena, and Thomas Alan Elliot


Urban Planning and Regulation: The Challenge of the Market, Yonn Dierwechter and Andrew Thornley

Sketching Culture, Sketching Nature: Uncovering Anchors of Everyday Nature for Urban Youth, Matthew J. Kelley, Mark Pendras, and Heather Minnella


Form and Function: On Politics and the Morphology of the Bazaar in Yazd, Iran, Ali Modarres


At the Intersection of Anarchists and Autonomists: Autogestioni and Centri Sociali, Pierpaolo Mudu

I Centri Sociali Italiani: Verso Tre Decadi Di Occupazioni E Di Spazi Autogestiti, Pierpaolo Mudu

The Problematic Potential of Universities to Advance Critical Urban Politics, Mark Pendras and Yonn Dierwechter

Interactive Mapping Tools on the Geoweb, Britta A. Ricker

Urban Modernity: Cultural Innovation in the Second Industrial Revolution, Jim Thatcher

The Built Environments Laboratory: An Interdisciplinary Framework for Studio Education in the Planning and Design Disciplines, Ken Yocom, Gundula Proksch, Branden Born, and Shannon K. Tyman

Submissions from 2011

Combining Varied Federal Data Sources for Multiscale Map Labeling of Populated Places and Airports for the National Map of the United States, Cynthia Brewer, Jim Thatcher, and Stephen Butzler

Dear Diary: Early Career Geographers Collectively Reflect on Their Qualitative Field Research Experiences, Elizabeth Heller, Julia Christensen, Lindsay Long, Catrina A. Mackenzie, Philip M. Osano, Britta Ricker, Emily Kagan, and Sarah Turner

Urban Modeling and Contemporary Technologies of City-Building in China: The Production of Regimes of Green Urbanisms, Lisa M. Hoffman


Toward a More Expansive Understanding of Food Hubs, Megan Horst, Eva Ringstrom, Shannon K. Tyman, Michael K. Ward, Virginia Werner, and Branden Born

Beyond Insiders and Outsiders: Conceptualizing Multiple Dimensions of Community Development Stakeholders, Linda H. Ishem

Collaborative Digital Techniques and Urban Neighborhood Revitalization, Matthew J. Kelley

New, Aging Los Angeles, Ali Modarres

Polycentricity, Commuting Pattern, Urban Form: The Case of Southern California, Ali Modarres


The Economic Effects of Economic Cooperation of Korea, China, and Japan, Young J. Park, Kabsung Kim, and James W. Harrington Jr.

Law and the Political Geography of US Corporate Regulation, Mark Pendras

Volunteered Geographic Services: Developing a Linked Data Driven Location-Based Service, Alexander Savelyev, Sen Xu, Krzysztof Janowicz, Christoph Mülligann, Jim Thatcher, and Wei Luo

Galileo in Pittsburgh, Jim Thatcher

Hip Hop Underground: The Integrity and Ethics of Racial Identification, Jim Thatcher

The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains, Jim Thatcher

Hidden Ontologies – How Mobile Computing Affects the Conceptualization of Geographic Space, Jim Thatcher, Christoph Mülligann, Wei Luo, Sen Xu, Elaine Guidero, Er Savelyev, and Krzysztof Janowicz


The Ultimate Team Sport? Urban Waterways and Youth Rowing in Seattle, Anne Taufen Wessells


A Review of “Financing Low-Income Communities: Models, Obstacles, and Future Directions”, Anaid Yerena

Submissions from 2010

Critical Practice of Grant Application and Administration: An Intervention, Harald Bauder, Bernd Belina, David Butz, Ze’ev Gedalof, Pierpaolo Mudu, Arnoud Lagendijk, Anssi Paasi, Nadine Schuurman, and David Wilson


Film Review: Inception, Seth D. Baum and Jim Thatcher

Metropolitan Geographies of US Climate Action: Cities, Suburbs, and the Local Divide in Global Responsibilities, Yonn Dierwechter

Assessing the Effects of Neighborhood Councils On Urban Policy and Development: The Example of Tacoma, Washington, Yonn Dierwechter and Brian Coffey

Confronting Capital Mobility, Mark Pendras

Place-Based Conservation and Urban Waterways: Watershed Activism in the Bottom of the Basin, Anne Taufen Wessells