Submissions from 2009

A Strategic Assessment of Telemedicine as a New Service for Health Delivery: Case of a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Tugrul U. Daim, N. Basoglu, and Haluk Demirkan

Submissions from 2008

The Risk and Information Sharing of Application Services Supply Chain, Haluk Demirkan and Hsing Kenneth Cheng

Editorial, Haluk Demirkan

Process and Services Fusion Impact Assessment: SSME Findings From Industry Collaboration and the Need for Competency Centers, Haluk Demirkan and Michael Goul

Service-Oriented Technology and Management: Perspectives on Research and Practice for the Coming Decade, Haluk Demirkan, Robert J. Kauffman, Jamshid A. Vayghan, Hans-Georg Fill, Dimitris Karagiannis, and Paul P. Maglio


IT Services Project Management: Lessons Learned From a Case Study in Implementation, Haluk Demirkan and Jason Nichols


Evaluating the Applicability of Socially-Oriented Perspectives to the IT Service Level Agreement Negotiation Process: A Theory-Driven Exploratory Study, Daniel S. Soper, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul

Submissions from 2007

An Interorganizational Knowledge-Sharing Security Model With Breach Propagation Detection, Daniel S. Soper, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul

Dynamic Decision Support Through Instantiation of UEML Representations, Sagnika Sen, Haluk Demirkan, and Michael Goul

Does Fairness Matter More to Some Than to Others? The Moderating Role of Workplace Status on the Relationship Between Procedural Fairness Perceptions and Job Satisfaction, Zoe I. Barsness, Kristina A. Diekmann, and Harris Sondak


High Noon On the Western Range: A Property Rights Analysis of the Johnson County War, Doug Wills and Randy McFerrin

Demographic Antecedents and Performance Consequences of Structural Holes in Work Teams, Zoe I. Barsness, Prasad Balkundi, Martin Kilduff, and Judd H. Michael

Submissions from 2006

AMCIS 2006 Panel Summary: Towards the Service Oriented Enterprise Vision: Bridging Industry and Academics, Haluk Demirkan and Michael Goul

Risks of E-Mail, Zoe I. Barsness

Autonomic Workflow Execution in the Grid, J. Nichols, H. Demirkan, and M. Goul


Stationarity Condition for AR Index Process, Eric Iksoon Im, David L. Hammes, and Doug Wills

Seven Key Interventions for Data Warehouse Success, Tim Chenoweth, Karen Corral, and Haluk Demirkan

Submissions from 2005

Database Schema Design for a Web Services Supply Chain Manager: Requirements and Proposed Infrastructure, Michael Goul, Karen Corral, and Haluk Demirkan

Motivation and Opportunity: The Role of Remote Work, Demographic Dissimilarity, and Social Network Centrality in Impression Management, Zoe I. Barsness, Kristina A. Diekmann, and Marc-David L. Seidel

Submissions from 2004

Uncertainty, Fairness Perceptions, and Job Satisfaction: A Field Study, Zoe I. Barsness, Kristina A. Diekmann, and Harris Sondak

Focus Please: Team Coordination and Performance at a Wood Manufacturer, Zoe I. Barsness, J. H. Michael, L. Lawson, and P. Balkundi

Submissions from 2003

Price and Capacity Competition of Application Services Duopoly, Hsing Kenneth Cheng, Haluk Demirkan, and Gary J. Koehler

Managing Agreements With Chains, Bruce Worobec

Submissions from 2002

Why Am I Here? The Influence of Group and Relational Attributes on Member-Initiated Team Selection, Zoe Barsness, AE Tenbrunsel, J. H. Michael, and L. Lawson

Submissions from 2000

The Role of Third Parties in County Dispute Resolution, Jill M. Purdy

The Impact of Communication Media on Negotiation Outcomes, Jill M. Purdy, Pete Nye, and P. V. Balakrishnan

Submissions from 1998

Contingent Employment in British Establishments: Organizational Determinants of the Use of Fixed-Term Hires and Part-Time Workers, Zoe I. Barsness and Brian Uzzi

Submissions from 1997

Building a Strong Foundation: Using a Computer Simulation in an Introductory Management Course, Tracy A. Thompson, Jill M. Purdy, and Patricia M. Fandt

New Approaches to the Study of Culture in I/O Psychology, Zoe I. Barsness

Sara Lee Corporation and Corporate Citizenship: Unity in Diversity, Zoe I. Barsness

Submissions from 1996

The Effectiveness of Mediation: An Independent Analysis of Cases Handled by Four Major Service Providers, Zoe I. Barsness, Jeanne M. Brett, and Stephen B. Goldberg

Submissions from 1994

Government Agencies as Mediators in Public Policy Conflicts, Jill M. Purdy and Barbara Gray

A Paradigm for Quantitative Cross-Cultural Research in Organizational Behavior, Zoe I. Barsness, Anne L. Lytle, J.M. Brett, C.H. Tinsley, and M. Janssens

Enterprise Data: One Step at a Time, Bruce Worobec