Submissions from 1999

Global Education through Translated Books, Belinda Y. Louie and Douglas H. Louie

A Qualitative Developmental Analysis of Comprehensive Guidance Programmes in Schools in the United States, Ginger MacDonald and Christopher A. Sink

Submissions from 1998


Social Cognitive Development and Psychopathology During Adolescence, K. A. Schonert-Reichl and Kathleen Beaudoin

The Status of Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling in the United States, Christopher A. Sink and Ginger MacDonald

Submissions from 1997

Who Talks How to Their Kids About TV: A Clarification of Demographic Correlates of Parental Mediation Patterns, Erica Weintraub Austin, Christopher Knaus, and Ana Meneguelli

Submissions from 1996

Reading Around the World: Children's literature in the People's Republic of China, Belinda Louie

Submissions from 1995

Chinese comics in transition, Belinda Louie and Douglas Louie

Submissions from 1994

Exploring the Link Between Social Cognition and Behaviour Problems in Adolescence: A Developmental Psychopathology Perspective, Kathleen Beaudoin

Submissions from 1993

Literature: Making stories their own, Belinda Louie

Using Literature to Teach Location., Belinda Louie

Tommy Meng San, Belinda Louie and Douglas Louie

Submissions from 1992

Empowerment through Young-Adult Literature, Belinda Louie and Douglas Louie

Submissions from 1990

Literacy in Young Adult Literature, Belinda Louie