Submissions from 2018

Detecting Misogynous Tweets, R. Ahluwalia, E. Shcherbinina, E. Callow, Anderson Nascimento, and Martine De Cock

DAGS: Key Encapsulation Using Dyadic GS Codes, G. Banegas, Paulo Barreto, B.O. Boidje, P.-L. Cayrel, G.N. Dione, K. Gaj, C.T. Gueye, R. Haeussler, J.B. Klamti, O. N'Diaye, D.T. Nguyen, E. Persichetti, and J.E. Ricardini

A Novel CMOS RF Energy Harvester for Self-Sustainable Applications, Arka Biswas, S. Babak Hamidi, Chitralekha Biswas, Palash Roy, Dipankar Mitra, and Debasis Dawn

Exact and Consistent Interpretation for Piecewise Linear Neural Networks: A Closed Form Solution, Lingyang Chu, Xia Hu, Juhua Hu, Lanjun Wang, and Jian Pei

Characterizing the Impact of Topology on IoT Stream Processing, Anindya Dey, Kim Stuart, and Matthew Tolentino

"Interacting With Intelligent Assistants to Predict Consumer Satisfaction", Rashmi G Elera and D.C. Grant

Distributed Detection and Response for the Mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, DC Grant

Subspace Multi-Clustering: A Review, Juhua Hu and Jian Pei

Container Memory Allocation Discrepancies: An Investigation on Memory Utilization Gaps for Container-Based Application Deployments, Garrett Lahmann, Thom McCann, and Wes Lloyd

Serverless Computing: An Investigation of Factors Influencing Microservice Performance, W. Lloyd, S. Ramesh, S. Chinthalapati, L. Ly, and S. Pallickara

Social Learning and Cultural Evolution in Artificial Life, Chris Marriott, J.M. Borg, P. Andras, and P.E. Smaldino

Teaching Systems Thinking to General Education Students, G.E. Mobus

Dictionary Extraction and Detection of Algorithmically Generated Domain Names in Passive DNS Traffic, M. Pereira, S. Coleman, B. Yu, Martine DeCock, and Anderson Nascimento

Tracking Hazardous Aerial Plumes Using IoT-Enabled Drone Swarms, Carl Seiber, David Nowlin, Bob Landowski, and Matthew Tolentino

More Than the Code: Learning Rules of Rejection in Writing Programs, J. Tenenberg, W.-M. Roth, D. Chinn, A. Jornet, D. Socha, and S. Walter

Evaluating the Impact of Pushing Voice-Driven Interaction Pipelines to the Edge, Matthew Tolentino and Smruthi Sridhar

Identifying Dynamical Time Series Model Parameters From Equilibrium Samples, With Application to Gene Regulatory Networks, W.C. Young, K.Y. Yeung, and A.E. Raftery

Faster Isogeny-Based Compressed Key Agreement, Gustavo H. Zanon, Marcos A. Simplicio, Geovandro C. Pereira, Javad Doliskani, and Paulo S. Barreto

Submissions from 2017

Conveying Sense of Force Explicitly: Designing Future E-Reading Systems to Support Subjective Knowledge Sharing, Chunming Gao

Finding Multiple Stable Clusterings, Juhua Hu, Qi Qian, Jian Pei, Rong Jin, and Shenghuo Zhu

Effects of Quizzes in Marking Supported E-Learning, Noriyuki Iwane, Chunming Gao, and Makoto Yoshida

Design of Efficient Multiplierless Modified Cosine-Based Comb Decimation Filters: Analysis and Implementation, Massimiliano Laddomada, G. Jovanovic Dolecek, and J. R. Baez

Mitigating Resource Contention and Heterogeneity in Public Clouds for Scientific Modeling Services, Wes Lloyd, S. Pallickara, O. David, M. Arabi, and K. Rojas

Fully Integrated LTE-Advanced Band-Switchable High-Gain CMOS Power Amplifier, Palash Roy, S Babak Hamidi, and Debasis Dawn

A High Power Fully Integrated Single-Chip CMOS Transmitter for Wireless Communication of Unmanned Aircraft System, Palash Roy and Debasis Dawn

Fully Integrated CMOS Power Amplifier Using Resistive Current Combining Technique, Palash Roy and Debasis Dawn

Evaluating Voice Interaction Pipelines at the Edge, Smruthi Sridhar and Matthew Tolentino

Submissions from 2016

Preface, M. Bishop and Anderson C. A. Nascimento

Unconditionally Secure, Universally Composable Privacy Preserving Linear Algebra, B. David, R. Dowsley, J. van Graaf, D. Marques, A. C. Nascimento, and A. C. Pinto

Solving Stable Matching Problems Using Answer Set Programming, S. De Clercq, S. Schockaert, Martine De Cock, and A. Nowe

A Minimally Invasive Model Data Passing Interface for Integrating Legacy Environmental System Models, A. Q. Dozier, O. David, M. Arabi, W. Lloyd, and Y. Zhang

Developing a Prototype for Evaluations of Healthcare Appointment and Registration Smart Assistant, C. Gao and N. Iwane

A Study on Haptic Media to Support Verbal Explanations, Noriyuki Iwane, Chunming Gao, Makoto Yoshida, and Hajime Kishida

Demystifying the Clouds: Harnessing Resource Utilization Models for Cost Effective Infrastructure Alternatives, Wes Lloyd, Shrideep Pallickara, Olaf David, Mazdak Arabi, Tyler Wible, and Jeffrey Ditty

A Variable Gain CMOS Phase Shifter for Phased Array Antenna Applications, Dipankar Mitra, Palash Roy, and Debasis Dawn

A Variable High Gain and High Dynamic Range CMOS Phase Shifter for Phased Array Beamforming Applications, Dipankar Mitra, Palash Roy, and Debasis Dawn

Discourse/s In/Of CSCW, W.-M. Roth, J. Tenenberg, and D. Socha

A Single-Chip CMOS Transmitter for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) System, Palash Roy and Debasis Dawn

From I-Awareness to We-Awareness in CSCW, J. Tenenberg, W.-M. Roth, and D. Socha

Seeing Design Stances, J. Tenenberg, D. Socha, and W.-M. Roth

Submissions from 2015

Chapter 10: 60GHz All- Silicon Radio IC: How It All Started, Debasis Dawn


A Social Network Model With Privacy Preserving and Reliability Assurance and Its Applications in Health Care, Chunming Gao and Noriyuki Iwane

A Social Network Model for Big Data Privacy Preserving and Accountability Assurance, C. Gao and N. Iwane


Building a Computer Network Immune System, DC Grant

Finding Multiple Stable Clusterings, Juhua Hu, Q. Qian, J. Pei, R. Jin, and S. Zhu

Pairwised Specific Distance Learning From Physical Linkages, Juhua Hu, De-Chuan Zhan, Xintao Wu, Yuan Jiang, and Zhi-Hua Zhou

Design of Two-Stage Nonrecursive Rotated Comb Decimation Filters With Droop Compensation and Multiplierless Architecture, Massimiliano Laddomada and G. Jovanovic Dolecek

A Biochemical Filter for Frequency-Based Signal Reception in Molecular Communication, Massimiliano Laddomada and M. Pierobon

A Crosstalk-Based Linear Filter in Biochemical Signal Transduction Pathways for the Internet of Bio-Things, Massimiliano Laddomada and M. Pierobon

MedTrust: Towards Trust-Assured Social Networking for Healthcare, J. Li, N. Zanman, and Y. Bai

QC-MDPC McEliece: An Optimized Implementation of a New McEliece Variant, H. Oliveira Martins and A. C. Nascimento

High-Power and High-Efficiency Complementary Metal–oxide– Semiconductor Voltage-Controlled Oscillator for Automatic Dependent Surveillance- Broadcast System, Roy Palesh and Debasis Dawn

Public-Key Encryption Schemes With Bounded CCA Security and Optimal Ciphertext Length Based on the CDH and HDH Assumptions, Mayana Pereira, Rafael Dowsley, Anderson C. Nascimento, and Goichiro Hanaoka

A High-Power and High-Efficiency CMOS VCO, Palash Roy and Debasis Dawn

A High-Power and High-Efficiency CMOS VCO for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) System, Palash Roy and Debasis Dawn

UX as Disruption: Managing Team Conflict as a Productive Resource, Josh Tenenberg and Emma J. Rose

Submissions from 2014

Computing Fuzzy Rough Approximations in Large Scale Information Systems, Hasan Asfoor, Rajagopalan Srinivasan, Gayathri Vasudevan, Nele Verbiest, Chris Cornells, Matthew Tolentino, Ankur Teredesai, and Martine De Cock


Data Provisioning for the Object Modeling System (OMS), Jack R. Carlson, Olaf David, Wes J. Lloyd, George H. Leavesley, Ken W. Rojas, Timothy R. Green, Mazdak Arabi, Lucas Yaege, and Hom Kipka


Model-As-A-Service (MaaS) Using the Cloud Services Innovation Platform (CSIP), O. David, W. Lloyd, K. Rojas, M. Arabi, F. Geter, James C. Ascough II, T. Green, G. Leavesley, and J. Carlson

60GHz CMOS Transmitter Front-End With Built-In Temperature Sensor, Debasis Dawn

Millimeter-Wave CMOS Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Development and Its Potential Applications, Debasis Dawn

Application of a Blended Active Learning Model in Teaching Computer Programming to Non-Majors (Abstract Only), Chunming Gao and Noriyuki Iwane

Developing a Multi-Trust Model for Multi-Purpose Healthcare Social Networks, C. Gao and N. Iwane

Energy Northwest Columbia Generating Station Proposed Enhancements: Transformation of Mothballed Nuclear Facilities Into Hydrogen Oxygen Energy Storage and Electrical Generation Facilities, DC Grant

How Can I Index My Thousands of Photos Effectively and Automatically? An Unsupervised Feature Selection Approach, Juhua Hu, J. Pei, and J. Tang

A Study of Using Handwritten Annotations on Digital Textbooks, N. Iwane and C. Gao

Improved Sharpening of Comb-Based Decimation Filters: Analysis and Design, Massimiliano Laddomada, D. E. Troncoso, and G. J. Dolecek

Optimal Sharpening of Compensated Comb Decimation Filters: Analysis and Design, Massimiliano Laddomada, David Ernesto Troncoso Romero, and Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek

An Effective Message Forwarding Algorithm for Delay Tolerant Network With Cyclic Probabilistic Influences, Y. Li, L. Ding, J. Sheng, C. Liu, and A.M. Teredesai


The Virtual Machine (VM) Scaler: An Infrastructure Manager Supporting Environmental Modeling on IaaS Clouds, Wes J. Lloyd, Olaf David, Mazdak Arabi, James C. Ascough II, Timothy R. Green, Jack R. Carlson, and Ken W. Rojas


Dynamic Scaling for Service Oriented Applications: Implications of Virtual Machine Placement on IaaS Clouds, Wes Lloyd, Shrideep Pallickara, Olaf David, Mazdak Arabi, and Ken Rojas

Distance Metric Learning Using Dropout: A Structured Regularization Approach, Qi Qian, Juhua Hu, Rong Jin, Jian Pei, and Shenghuo Zhu

Information-Theoretically Secure Oblivious Polynomial Evaluation in the Commodity-Based Model, Rafael Tonicelli, Anderson C. Nascimento, Rafael Dowsley, Jörn Müller-Quade, Hideki Imai, Goichiro Hanaoka, and Akira Otsuka


Cyberinfrastructure for Scalable Access to Stream Flow Analysis, Tyler Wible, Wes Lloyd, Olaf David, and Mazdak Arabi

Submissions from 2013

A Software Engineering Perspective on Environmental Modeling Framework Design: The Object Modeling System, O. David, J. C. Ascough II, W. Lloyd, T. R. Green, K. W. Rojas, G. H. Leavesley, and L. R. Ahuja

Millimeter-Wave CMOS Switching Power Amplifiers, Debasis Dawn

On the Composability of Statistically Secure Bit Commitments, Rafael Dowsley, Jeroen van Graaf, Jörn Müller-Quade, and Anderson C. Nascimento

An Experimental Study of a New Channel for Data Input on Small Mobile Devices, Chunming Gao, Robert Pastel, and Jindong Tan


Short and Long Term Energy Storage for Enhanced Resilience of Electric Infrastructures Storage of Compressed Hydrogen and Oxygen Gasses Derived From Electrolysis to Provide Grid Connected Mechanical and Electrochemical Electrical Power Generation on Demand, DC Grant

CloudHealth: Developing a Reliable Cloud Platform for Healthcare Applications, E. Hendrick, B. Schooley, and Chunming Gao

Gain Limits of Phase Compensated Conformal Antenna Arrays on Non-Conducting Spherical Surfaces Using the Projection Method, Bilal Ijaz, Alarka Sanyal, Alfonso Mendoza-Radal, Sayan Roy, Irfan Ullah, Michael T. Reich, Debasis Dawn, Benjamin D. Braaten, Neil F. Chamberlain, and Dimitris E. Anagnostou

Question Generation for Learner Centered Learning, N. Iwane, C. Gao, and M. Yoshida

A Method for Knowledge Acquisition From Handwritten Mark on Digital Text, N. Iwane, C. Gao, and Makoto Yoshida

An Improved Class of Multiplierless Decimation Filters: Analysis and Design, Massimiliano Laddomada and G. Jovanovic Dolecek

Efficient Design of Two-Stage Comb-Based Decimation Filters Using Chebyshev Sharpening, Massimiliano Laddomada, D. E. Romero, and G. J. Dolecek

CMOS 45 GHz Vector Modulator With Gain/Phase Correction Through Calibration, J. Laskar, J. Papapolymerou, E. Juntunen, and Debasis Dawn

Compressive Sensing Based Data Collection in VANETs, C. Liu, C. Chigan, and Chunming Gao

STCP2: Short-Time Certificate-Based Privacy Protection for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, Z. Li, C. Chigan, and Chunming Gao


Service Isolation vs. Consolidation: Implications for Iaas Cloud Application Deployment, Wes Lloyd, Shrideep Pallickara, Olaf David, Jim Lyon, Mazdak Arabi, and Ken Rojas


Performance Implications of Multi-Tier Application Deployments on Infrastructure-As-A-Service Clouds: Towards Performance Modeling, W. Lloyd, S. Pallickara, O. David, J. Lyon, M. Arabi, and K. Rojas

HcBench: Methodology, Development, and Characterization of a Customer Usage Representative Big Data/Hadoop Benchmark, V. A. Saletore, K. Krishnan, V. Viswanathan, and M. E. Tolentino

CMOS Phase Shifter for Conformal Phased Array Beamformer Applications, Alarka Sanyal, Alfonso Mendoza-Radal, Bilal Ijaz, and Debasis Dawn

Submissions from 2012

A CCA2 Secure Variant of the McEliece Cryptosystem, N. Dottling, R. Dowsley, J. Muller-Quade, and A. C. Nascimento

IND-CCA Secure Cryptography Based on a Variant of the LPN Problem, Nico Döttling, Jörn Müller-Quade, and Anderson C. Nascimento

Implications of Modified Waterfall Model to the Roles and Education of Health IT Professionals, C. Gao and G. Hembroff

Tilt-Click: One-Handed Eyes-Free Numeric and Symbol Input for Calculator Applications, C. Gao, R. Pastel, and J. Tan

High-Power, High-Efficiency CMOS Millimetre-Wave Oscillators, E. Juntunen, Debasis Dawn, J. Laskar, and J. Papapolymerou

A Novel Two-Stage Nonrecursive Architecture for the Design of Generalized Comb Filters, Massimiliano Laddomada and Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek

Design of Multiplierless Linear-Phase Comb Corrector Filters for Multirate Applications, Massimiliano Laddomada, D. E. Romero, and G. J. Dolecek

Research in Hands-Free Control of Digital Photogrammetric 3D Measurements, E. Levin, Chunming Gao, and J. Carter