Submissions from 2003


William L. Pierce, Ingrid Walker Fields

Submissions from 2002


Defining the Terms: Postfeminism as an Ideology of Cool, Anne Bartlett

Greatest Hits in Behavioral Ecology, Alison M. Bell, Jeremy M. Davis, Jennifer L. DeBose, Sarah J. Long, Karen E. Mabry, Theodore Stankowich, Jason V. Watters, and J. Chadwick Johnson


Measuring Individual-Level Resource Specialization, Daniel I. Bolnick, Louie H. Yang, James A. Fordyce, Jeremy M. Davis, and Richard Svanback

Interleukin-1 beta folding between pH 5 and 7: experimental evidence for three-state folding behavior and robust transition state positions late in folding, John M. Finke and Patricia A. Jennings

Progress as Human Rights: Condorcet and the Human Rights Discourse, Michael Forman


Review of "The Country of Memory: Remaking the Past in Late Socialist Vietnam," edited by Hue-Tam Ho Tai, Mary Hanneman

American Revolution: From the Electoral Gap to the Banana Republic, Zine Magubane and Emily N. Ignacio

Choosing Commercial Television's Identities in India: A Reception Analysis, Divya C. McMillin

Group Oral Presentations as Support for Writing in Large Classes, Sushil K. Oswal


Would the Real Undagi Please Stand Up? On the Social Location of Balinese Architectural Knowledge, Samuel K. Parker and Graeme MacRae

Child Advocacy and Pedagogical Theories in the Works of Philipp Otto Runge , Johann J. K. Reusch


Analysis of Web-based WSDOT Traveler Information: Testing Users' Information Retrieval Strategies, Geoffrey Sauer, Emma J. Rose, Beth E. Kolko, Mark Haselkorn, and Bill Legg

Environmental Science as a Vehicle for Building Natural Sciences and Environmental Education Into a New Interdisciplinary Urban Public University, David L. Secord and Cheryl L. Greengrove


Response From Stark and Banks, John D. Stark and John Banks

Review Essay: Text, Talk, and Writing in Recovery: Implications for Composition Studies, Riki Thompson

Book Reviews: Stephen Kinzer, Crescent and Star: Turkey between Two Worlds, Etga Ugur

Sustainable Watershed Management: An International Multi-Watershed Case Study, Walter Wagner, James E. Gawel, Hiroaki Furamai, Marcelo P. DeSouza, Denilson Teixeira, Leonardo Rios, Shinichiro Ohgaki, Alexander J. B. Zehnder, and Harold F. Hemond

White Hope: Conspiracy, Nationalism, and Revolution in The Turner Diaries and Hunter, Ingrid Walker

Submissions from 2001

African American Migration to Louisville in the Mid-Twentieth Century, Luther J. Adams


Review of "Duels and the Roots of Violence in Missouri" by D. Steward, Mike Allen

Evolutionary Questions in an Ecologically Relevant Context, A. M. Bell, J. M. Davis, C. M. Greene, S. C. Lema, J. V. Watters, and L. H. Yang

Noise in the Quiet Zone, M. Cronin, Lisa Tauxe, Catherine G. Constable, Peter A. Selkin, and T. Pick

Early Aggregated States in the Folding of Interleukin-1β, John M. Finke and P. A. Jennings

Toward an Etiology of Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Neurodevelopmental Approach, Kelly A. Forrest

Phytochelatins Are Bioindicators of Atmospheric Metal Exposure via Direct Foliar Uptake in Trees Near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, James E. Gawel, C. G. Trick, and F. M. Morel

Localizing the Global: Television and Hybrid Programming in India, Divya C. McMillin

Modernismo e Discursos Pós-Modernos no Brasil, Amos Nascimento


Review of "Pennsylvania Architecture: The Historic American Buildings Survey, 1933-1900" by D.S. Burns and R.J. Webster with C.R. Stern, Julie Nicoletta


The Gendering of Order and Disorder: Mother Ann Lee and Shaker Architecture, Julie Nicoletta


Rayuela's Confused Hermeneutics, E. J. Sharkey


"Selective" Pesticides: Are They Less Hazardous to the Environment?, John D. Stark and John Banks

Submissions from 2000

Effects of Weedy Field Margins on Myzus Persicae (Hemiptera : Aphididae) in a Broccoli Agroecosystem, John E. Banks

Digital Libraries: Situating Use in Changing Information Infrastructure, Ann P. Bishop, Laura J. Neumann, Susan L. Star, Cecelia Merkel, Emily N. Ignacio, and Robert J. Sandusky

The Ontogeny of Light-Dark Response in Triops Longicaudatus as a Response to Changing Selective Pressures, Jeremy Davis and Dale Madison


Mad Love: The Problematization of Gendered Identity and Desire in Recent Mexican Women's Novels, Cynthia Duncan

Commitment to folded and aggregated states occurs late in interleukin-1 beta folding, John M. Finke, L. A. Gross, H. M. Ho, D. Sept, B. H. Zimm, and P. A. Jennings

Aggregation events occur prior to stable intermediate formation during refolding of interleukin 1beta, John M. Finke, M. Roy, B. H. Zimm, and P. A. Jennings


Review of "Cheap, Quick, and Easy: Imitative Architectural Materials, 1870-1930" by P.H. Simpson, Julie Nicoletta

Submissions from 1999

Differential Response of Two Agroecosystem Predators, Pterostichus Melanarius (Coleoptera : Carabidae) and Coccinella Septempunctata (Coleoptera : Coccinellidae), to Habitat-Composition and Fragmentation-Scale Manipulations, John E. Banks

Introduction, Anne Clark Bartlett


Effects of Eutrophication and Runoff on Arsenic Cycling in an Urban Lake, James E. Gawel, David Senn, Harold F. Hemond, Kathryn MacLaughlin, Heather Lukacs, and John L. Durant

Caspar David Friedrich and National Antiquarianism in Northern Germany, Johann J. K. Reusch

Entertaining Knowledge: (Popular) Cultural Literacy in the United States, Ingrid Walker

Submissions from 1998

Real Cowboys? The Origins and Evolution of North American Rodeo and Rodeo Cowboys, Michael Allen

Cracking the Penile Code: Reading Gender and Conquest in the Alliterative "Morte Arthure", Anne Clark Bartlett


Linking Lives: Autobiographical Criticism and Medieval Studies, Anne Clark Bartlett


A Critical Analysis of John Hick's Pluralistic Hypothesis in the Light of the Buddha's Attitude Towards Othe Teachings as Demonstrated in the Pali Nikayas., Jane Compson

Regarded as Simulacrum: The Aesthetic Role of Women in Contemporary Culture, Huatong Sun

Regarded as Simulacrum: The Aesthetic Role of Women in Contemporary Culture, Huatong Sun

Submissions from 1997


The Elemental Composition of Stony Cosmic Spherules, D. E. Brownlee, Beeway Bates, and L. Schramm

Dissent from Within: Hasegawa Nyozekan, Liberal Critic of Fascism, Mary Hanneman

Teaching Reflection: Information Seeking and Evaluation in a Digital Library Environment, Frances F. Jacobson and Emily N. Ignacio

Identities in Conflict? Latin (African) American, Amos Nascimento

Refining Domesticity: Women and Lodging Houses on the Comstock, Julie Nicoletta

Strong Chromatic Index of Subset Graphs, Jennifer J. Quinn and Arthur T. Benjamin

Submissions from 1996


Review of "The First American Frontier: Transition to Capitalism in Southern Appalachia, 1700-1860,"by W.A. Dunaway, Mike Allen

The Dalai Lama and the World Religions: A False Friend?, Jane Compson

Why Buddhism Makes Sense, Jane Compson

Role for Heavy Metals in Forest Decline Indicated by Phytochelatin Measurements, James E. Gawel, Beth A. Ahner, Andrew J. Friedland, and François M. Morel


Review of "Overtones and Undertones: Reading Film Music" by R.S. Brown and "Film Music: Fundamentals of the Language" by R. Meyers, Claudia Gorbman

Submissions from 1995

The Rodeo Cowboy in Art: A Sampling, Michael Allen

'A Reasonable Affection': Gender and Spiritual Friendship in Middle English Devotional Literature for Women, Anne Clark Bartlett

The State of Film Music Criticism, Claudia Gorbman


Doing Public History at the National Civil Rights Museum: A Conversation With Juanita Moore, Michael K. Honey

Submissions from 1994

The "New" Western History Stillborn, Michael Allen

Foucault's "Medievalism", Anne Clark Bartlett

The Boundaries of The Self and The Unhealthy Other: Reflections on Health, Culture and AIDS, Robert Crawford

The Boundaries of The Self and The Unhealthy Other: Reflections on Health, Culture and AIDS, Robert Crawford


Review of "The Confucian Transformation of Korea: A Study of Society and Ideology" by M. Deuchler, Michael Kalton

Submissions from 1993

A Weapon Against War: Conscientious Objection in the United States, Australia, and France, Stephen DeTray

Submissions from 1992

The Rise and Decline of the Early Rodeo Cowgirl - the Career of Strickland,Mabel, 1916-1941, Michael Allen

Commentary, Polemic, and Prophecy in Hildegard of Bingen's Solutiones Triginta Octo Quaestionum, Anne Clark Bartlett


"Delicious Matyr": Feminine Courtesy in Middle English Devotional Literature for Women, Anne Clark Bartlett

Miraculous Literacy and Textual Communities in Hildegard of Bingen's Scivias, Anne Clark Bartlett


Review of "Farewell, We're Good and Gone: The Great Black Migration" by C. Marks, Michael K. Honey

Teaching Afro-American Poetry: Resources, Sally A. Jacobsen and Deirdre J. Raynor

Submissions from 1990

The Riverman as Jacksonian Man, Michael Allen

Submissions from 1987

The Artist/Teacher as Decoder and Catalyst, Beverly Naidus

Submissions from 1905


Program innovations and character in Cub Scouts: Findings from Year 1 of a mixed-methods, longitudinal study, Lacey J. Hilliard, Rachel M. Hershberg, Edmond P. Bowers, Jun Wang, Paul A. Chase, Robey B. Champine, Mary H. Buckingham, D. P.A. Warren, and Kaitlyn A. Ferris


Methodological challenges in participatory action research with undocumented Central American migrants, M. Brinton Lykes, Rachel M. Hershberg, and Kalina M. Brabeck