Submissions from 2009

Toward a Rhetoric of Locale: Localizing Mobile Messaging Technology into Everyday Life, Huatong Sun

Health Promotion Through Representational Advocacy: Perceptions of Cervical Cancer and Screening Among Low-Income Hispanic Women on the U.S. Mexico Border, Sharon Thompson, Holly Dempsey, Stephen Ross, and Eugenia Anguiano

Health Promotion Through Representational Advocacy: Perceptions of Cervical Cancer and Screening Among Low-Income Hispanic Women on the U.S. Mexico Border, Sharon E. Thompson, Holly J. Dempsey, Stephen J. Ross, and Eugenia Anguiano

Safety and Immunogenicity of a Defined Vaccine for the Prevention of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Iván D. Vélez, Katherine Gilchrist, Sofía Martínez, José R. Ramírez-Pineda, Jill A. Ashman, Fabiana P. Alves, Rhea N. Coler, Lisa Y. Bogatzki, Stuart J. Kahn, Anna Marie Beckmann, Karen D. Cowgill, Steven G. Reed, and Franco M. Piazza

Still on the Auction Block: The (S)exploitation of Black Adolescent Girls in Rap(e) Music and Hip-Hop Culture, Carolyn M. West

Process Theology Resources for an Open and Relational Christology, Michael Zbaraschuk

Submissions from 2008


Review of "Chicago's New Negroes: Modernity, the Great Migration, and Black Urban Life" by D.L. Baldwin, Luther Adams

Expecting the Unexpected: Black-Jewish History in Twentieth Century America, Luther J. Adams

The Dual-Basin Landscape in GFP Folding, Benjamin T. Andrews, Shachi Gosavi, John M. Finke, José N. Onuchic, and Patricia A. Jennings

Dynamic Models for Insect Mortality Due to Exposure to Insecticides, H. T. Banks, John E. Banks, Sarah L. Joyner, and John D. Stark

Population Response to Resource Separation in Conservation Biological Control, John E. Banks, Riccardo Bommarco, and Barbara Ekbom

Time-Varying Vital Rates in Ecotoxicology: Selective Pesticides and Aphid Population Dynamics, John E. Banks, L. K. Dick, H. T. Banks, and John D. Stark

An Alternate Approach to Alternating Sums: A Method to DIE For, Arthur T. Benjamin and Jennifer J. Quinn

Queering the Map: The Productive Tensions of Colliding Epistemologies, Michael Brown and Larry Knopp


Open or Closed: Balancing Border Policy with Human Rights, Elizabeth M. Bruch


The Myth of the Green Fairy: Distilling the Scientific Truth About Absinthe, Kima Cargill

Film, HIV/AIDS Impact On, Ed Chamberlain


Synopsis of Phytophthora with Accurate Scientific Names, Host Range, and Geographic Distribution, Erica T. Cline, David F. Farr, and Amy Y. Rossman

The Philosophy of the Daodejing – Hans-Georg Moeller, Jane Compson


Patterns of Variation in the Influence of Natal Experience on Habitat Choice, Jeremy M. Davis

La Negociación de una Existencia Híbrida: La Lucha Chicana Contra el Patriarcado y la Americanización., Vanessa de Veritch Woodside

Transforming the Chicano Canon: The Postmodern Aesthetic of the Contemporary Chicano Novel, Vanessa de Veritch Woodside

Seasonality of Diffusive Exchange of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Hexachlorobenzene Across the Air-Sea interface of Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan, Meng-Der Fang, Fung-Chi Ko, Joel E. Baker, and Chon-Lin Lee

Attachment and Attention in Sport, Kelly A. Forrest


Review of "Race, Politics, and Memory: A Documentary History of the Little Rock School Crisis," edited by C. Lewis and R. Lewis, Michael K. Honey


Seven Simple Strategies to Setting Up a Service Learning Project, Natalie Jolly

Accumulation and Maternal Transfer of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Snapping Turtles of the Upper Hudson River, New York, USA, Shannon M. Kelly, Karen M. Eisenreich, Joel E. Baker, and Christopher L. Rowe

Informed multi-objective decision-making in environmental management using Pareto optimality, Maureen C. Kennedy, E. David Ford, Peter Singleton, Mark Finney, and James K. Agee


Diversification of Media Markets, William M. Kunz

Menopausal Attitudes, Objectified Body Consciousness, Aging Anxiety, and Body Esteem: European American Women's Body Experiences in Midlife, Nita M. McKinley and Louise A. Lyon

"Around Sourcing": Peripheral Centers in the Global Office, Divya C. McMillin

The Reconstruction of Place and Family in Louise Erdrich’s Tracks, Danica Miller

How to See a Shooting Star, JM Miller

Title: Juxtaposition of Peace, JM Miller

Raising the Bar: The Complicated Consumption of Chocolate, Ellen E. Moore

Ancillary Markets: Merchandising and Video Games, Randy Nichols

Internationalization at the New York World’s Fair of 1964–65, Julie Nicoletta

El Poder y la Fuerza de la Pasión: Toward a Model of HIV/AIDS Education and Service Delivery from the “Bottom-Up”, Ariana Ochoa Camacho, GA Yep, PY Gomez, and E Velez

Behavioral Ecology: Learning, Daniel R. Papaj, E. Snell-Rood, and Jeremy Davis

Crystallographic B-factors Highlight Energetic Frustration in Aldolase Folding, Maithreyi K. Rao, Tracy R. Chapman, and John M. Finke

Germans as Noble Savages and Castaways: Alter Egos and Alterity in German Collective Consciousness during the Long Eighteenth Century, Johann J. K. Reusch

Moving Forward: Response to "Studying Eyewitness Investigations in the Field", Stephen J. Ross and Roy S. Malpss


Paleointensity Record From the 2.7 Ga Stillwater Complex, Montana, Peter Selkin, J. S. Gee, E. P. Meurer, and S. R. Hemming

Intellectual Roots of Turkish Islam, Etga Ugur

"A Thin Line Between Love and Hate?" Black Men as Victims and Perpetrators of Dating Violence, Carolyn M. West


The Making of Jericho Road: An Interview with Michael Honey, Charles Williams

Submissions from 2007

Political Buttons and the Material Culture of American Politics, 1828-1976, Michael Allen


Review of "King of the Cowboys, Queen of the West: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans" by R.E. White, Mike Allen


The Quality of Education in Latin America and the Caribbean - Latin American Research Network: The Quality of Education in Paraguay, Katherine E. Baird, Rodolfo Elias, Victor Vázquez, Nestor Peralta, and Mirna Vera

Estimation of Dynamic Rate Parameters in Insect Populations Undergoing Sublethal Exposure to Pesticides, H. T. Banks, John E. Banks, Lara K. Dick, and John D. Stark

Fibonacci Determinants: A Combinatorial Approach, Arthur T. Benjamin, Naiomi T. Cameron, and Jennifer J. Quinn

Transforming the Curriculum: Teaching About Women of Color, Johnella E. Butler and Deirdre J. Raynor

Desire, Ritual, and Cuisine, Kima Cargill


Teaching the Psychology of Food and Culture, Kima Cargill


Linked Psychology and Writing Courses Across the Curriculum, Kima Cargill and Beth Kalikoff

Queering the Space of Home: Counterpublics, Sexuality, and Transnationalism in Kincaid's 'My Brother', Ed Chamberlain

Spatial Effects of Retention Trees on Mycorrhizas and Biomass of Douglas-Fir Seedlings, Erica T. Cline, B. Vinyard, and R. Edmonds

Finding God in the Singing River – By Mark I. Wallace, Jane Compson

Seeing Outranks Believing: Some Buddhist Reflections on Faith and Belief, Jane Compson


Association of Non-Type B Haemophilus Influenzae With HIV, Karen Cowgill and J Anthony Scott


Preference or Desperation? Distinguishing Between the Natal Habitat's Effects on Habitat Choice, Jeremy M. Davis


Resistencia y Recuperación: La Historia Colectiva a Través de la Ficción en In the Time of the Butterflies de Julia Álvarez, Vanessa de Veritch Woodside

Minority Report: Narrative, Images, and Dead Women, Joanne Clarke Dillman

Sources and Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Sediments of Kaoping River and Submarine Canyon System, Taiwan, Meng-Der Fang, Ping-Chieh Hsieh, Fung-Chi Ko, Joel E. Baker, and Chon-Lin Lee

Equilibrium Unfolding of the Poly(glutamic acid)(20) Helix, John M. Finke, Patricia A. Jennings, Jennifer Lee, José N. Onuchic, and Jay R. Winkler

The Old Generation in (Mid)Showa Japan: Hasegawa Nyozekan, Maruyama Masao, and Postwar Thought, Mary Hanneman

Isotope Analysis As a Natural Reaction Probe to Determine Mechanisms of Biodegradation of 1,2-Dichloroethane, Sarah K. Hirschorn, M. Joyce A. Dinglasan-Panlilio, Edwards A. Elizabeth, Georges Lacrampe-Couloume, and Barbara Sherwood Lollar

Perceiving artificial social agents, T. M. Holtgraves, Stephen J. Ross, C. R. Weywadt, and T. L. Han


Decision-Making: What Does It Have to Do with My Teaching? Research Brief, Yi-Min Huang, Matt Eliot, Jennifer Turns, Emma J. Rose, and Jessica Yellin

Articulating Sophistic Rhetoric as a Validity Heuristic for Writing Assessment, Asao Inoue

Physiological and ecological implications of adaptive reiteration as a mechanism for crown maintenance and longevity, Hiroaki T. Ishii, E. David Ford, and Maureen C. Kennedy


Cesarean, Celebrity, and Childbirth: Students Encounter Modern Birth and the Question of Female Embodiment, Natalie Jolly

Feminism Tastes Using Social Bookmarking in the Women's Studies Classroom, Natalie Jolly

The Extension of Westphalian Sovereignty: State Building and the Abolition of Extraterritoriality, Turan Kayaoglu

On the Relationship Between Queer and Feminist Geographies, Larry Knopp


Mobile Social Software for the Developing World, Beth E. Kolko, Erica Johnson, and Emma J. Rose

Communication as information-seeking: the case for mobile social software for developing regions, Beth E. Kolko, Emma J. Rose, and Erica Johnson

Rangeland Grazing as a Source of Steroid Hormones to Surface Waters, Edward P. Kolodziej and David L. Sedlak

Density-Dependent Response of the Pea Aphid (Hemiptera : Aphididae) to Imidacloprid, Paulina E. Kramarz, John E. Banks, and John D. Stark


Shag Carpet, Michael Kula

Seeing the forest for the fuel: Integrating ecological values and fuels management, John F. Lehmkuhl, Maureen C. Kennedy, E. David Ford, Peter H. Singleton, William L. Gaines, and Rick L. Lind

‘Follow Your Leader’: Narrative Power and the Power of Authority in Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno, Danica Miller

A Battlefield of One’s Own, JM Miller

Anomalies in Red and Blue: Exceptionalism in American Electoral Geography, Richard L. Morrill, Larry Knopp, and Michael Brown

Profile: Beverly Naidus’s Feminist Activist Art Pedagogy: Unleashed and Engaged, Beverly Naidus

Review: Alexander R. Galloway's Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture, Randy Nichols


Folding and Unfolding of Gamma TIM Monomers and Dimers, Brijesh Patel and John M. Finke

Fluorotelomer Acids are More Toxic Than Perfluorinated Acids, Michelle M. Phillips, M. Joyce A. Dinglasan-Panlilio, Scott A. Mabury, Keith R. Solomon, and Paul K. Sibley


Morrison and the Critical Community, Deirdre J. Raynor and Johnella E. Butler

Moving Forward: Response to “Studying Eyewitness Investigations in the Field”, Stephen J. Ross and Roy S. Malpass

Polychlorinated Biphenyl Release from Resuspended Hudson River Sediment, Abby R. Schneider, Elka T. Porter, and Joel E. Baker

Nonlinear Thermoremanence Acquisition and Implications for Paleointensity Data, Peter A. Selkin, Jeffrey S. Gee, and Lisa Tauxe

Long-Term Fate of a Pulse Arsenic Input to a Eutrophic Lake, David B. Senn, James E. Gawel, Jennifer A. Jay, Harold F. Hemond, and John L. Durant

Linguistic Finitude as Capability in Borges and Wittgenstein, E. J. Sharkey

In situ jet-testing of the erosional resistance of cohesive streambeds, Dan H. Shugar, Ray Kostaschuk, Peter Ashmore, Joe Desloges, and Leif Burge

Suspended sediment dynamics over a dune in the Rio Paraná, Dan H. Shugar, Ray Kostaschuk, James L. Best, Dan Parsons, Stuart Lane, and Rich Hardy

Genotypic Variation in Refractory Periods and Habitat Selection by Natal Dispersers, J.A. Stamps, J.M. Davis, S.A. Blozis, and K.L. Boundy-Mills

Incorporating Ecologically Relevant Measures of Pesticide Effect for Estimating the Compatibility of Pesticides and Biocontrol Agents, John D. Stark, Roger Vargas, and John E. Banks

Family Values and Feudal Codes: The Social Politics of America's Fin-De-Siècle Gangster, Ingrid Walker

"Sorry, We Have to Take You In:" Black Battered Women Arrested for Intimate Partner Violence, Carolyn M. West