Submissions from 2013

Exploring Liars' Strategies for Creating Deceptive Reports, Drew A. Leins, Ronald P. Fisher, and Stephen J. Ross

Exploring liars’ strategies for creating deceptive reports, Drew A. Leins, Ronald P. Fisher, and Stephen J. Ross

Use of Main Channel and Two Backwater Habitats by Larval Fishes in the Detroit River, Erik A. McDonald, A. Scott McNaught, and Edward F. Roseman

The Responsibility to Protect and luxurious war, Benjamin Meiches

Regime Theory, Benjamin Meiches and Raymond Hopkins

Salish Education and Colonial punishment in D'Arcy McNickle The Surrounded, Danica Miller


2 Pieces: "Cleft" and "The Famous Wolf: A Triolet", JM Miller


"30 Days Orthodox", "Prayer Circle", and "Pearl" (3 Poems), JM Miller

31 Poems, JM Miller


'November', 'Biscuit', 'Ligature', and 'Desert Autopsy (2012)' (Four Poems), JM Miller

Zombie Autopsy, JM Miller


Indigenous Cultural Autonomy: Decolonizing Autonomy to Transform Research Practices, Michelle Montgomery and J Sharpe


Bourdieu's Forms of Capital and Video Game Production, Randy Nichols

Who Pays, Who Plays? Mapping Video Game Production and Consumption Globally, Randy Nichols


Accessible ePortfolios for Visually-Impaired Users: Interfaces, Designs, and Infrastructures, Sushil K. Oswal

Exploring Accessibility as a Potential Area of Research for Technical Communication: A Modest Proposal, Sushil K. Oswal

Ligand Binding and Unfolding of Tryptophan Synthase Revealed by Ion Mobility-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Employing Collision and Surface Induced Dissociation., Royston S. Quintyn, Mowei Zhou, Shai Dagan, John M. Finke, and Vicki H. Wysocki

Product-To-Parent Reversion of Trenbolone: Unrecognized Risks for Endocrine Disruption, Shen Qu, Edward P. Kolodziej, Sarah A. Long, James B. Gloer, Eric V. Patterson, Jonas Baltrusaitis, Gerrad D. Jones, Peter V. Benchetler, and Emily A. Cole

A quantitative assessment of the sedimentology and geomorphology of rock avalanche deposits, Dan H. Shugar, John J. Clague, and Marco Giardino


Coarsening Dynamics of Domains in Lipid Membranes, Cynthia A. Stanich, Aurelia R. Honerkamp-Smith, Gregory G. Putzel, Christopher S. Warth, Andrea K. Lamprecht, Pritam Mandal, Elizabeth Mann, Thien-An D. Hua, and Sarah L. Keller


Applied statistics in ecology: common pitfalls and simple solutions, E. Ashley Steel, Maureen C. Kennedy, Patrick G. Cunningham, and John S. Stanovick


A "Temple of Pleasure:" Missoula's Wilma Theatre, Elizabeth 'Libi' A. Sundermann

Sina Weibo of China: From a Copycat to a Local Uptake of a Global Technology Assemblage, Huatong Sun

A Typology for Finite Groups, Erik R. Tou


Organizing Civil Society: The Abant Platform of the Gulen Movement, Etga Ugur

Spatial Dynamics of Two Oriental Fruit Fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) Parasitoids, Fopius arisanus and Diachasmimorpha longicaudata (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), in a Guava Orchard in Hawaii, Roger I. Vargas, John D. Stark, John E. Banks, Luc Leblanc, Nicholas C. Manoukis, and Steven Peck


Developing a Market for Chinese Wine: Tourism and Education, Mike Veseth, Cynthia Howson, Pierre Ly, and Jeff Begun


In Search of Chinese Terroirs, Mike Veseth, Cynthia Howson, Pierre Ly, and Jeff Begun


Wine in China: Government Investment, Civil Servants and Hospitality, Mike Veseth, Cynthia Howson, Pierre Ly, and Jeff Begun


Secondary flow deflection in the lee of transverse dunes with implications for dune morphodynamics and migration, Ian J. Walker and Dan H. Shugar


Drugs and Desire: Ingrid Walker at TEDxTacoma, Ingrid Walker


Group Man and the Limits of Working-Class Politics: The Political Vision of Steinbeck's In Dubious Battle, Charles Williams

Urban Stasis and the Politics of Alternative Development in the United States, Charles Williams and J. Mark Pendras

Submissions from 2012

Transforming Korea Into a Multicultural Society: Reception of Multiculturalism Discourse and Its Discursive Disposition in Korea, Ji-Hyun Ahn

Disentangling Ribbon Worm Relationships: Multi-Locus Analysis Supports Traditional Classification of the Phylum Nemertea, Sonia C. S. Andrade, Malin Strand, Megan L. Schwartz, Haixia Chen, Hiroshi Kajihara, Jorn von Dohren, Shichun Sun, Juan Junoy, Martin Thiel, Jon L. Norenburg, James M. Turbeville, Gonzalo Giribet, and Per Sundberg

Forest-Type Preference of an Afrotropical Thrush (East Coast Akalat Sheppardia Gunningi Sokokensis) in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Kenya, John E. Banks, Colin Jackson, Albert Baya, H. Minnella, M. Nitz, J. Hitchcock, and D. Bruinsma

Hope as a Predictor of Reincarceration Among Mutual-Help Recovery Residents, Christopher Beasley, Michael Dekhtyar, Leonard A. Jason, and Joseph R. Ferrari

The General Environment Fit Scale: A Factor Analysis and Test of Convergent Construct Validity, Christopher Beasley, Leonard Jason, and Steven Miller

The “Virtual” Panel: A Computerized Model for LGBT Speaker Panels, Christopher Beasley, Susan Torres-Harding, and Paula J. Pedersen


Review: The Matter of Assignments in Writing Classes and Beyond, Anne Beaufort


Determining Distribution and Size of Larval Pacific Geoduck Clams (Panopea Generosa Gould 1850) in Quartermaster Harbor (Washington, USA) Using a Novel Sampling Approach, Bonnie Becker, Michael D. Behrens, Yvonne A. Shevalier, Christine M. Henzler, Elizabeth A. Hoaglund, and Brenda K. LeMay


Novel Larval Trapping Technique Indicates Importance of Rare Events Driving Connectivity of Geoduck Clams in Puget Sound, Washington, Bonnie Becker, Michael Behrens, Christine Henzler, Elizabeth Hoaglund, Yvonne Shevalier, Brenda Lemay, Shayla Staggers, and Jolene Brokenshire

On the Subdifferential Regularity of Max Root Functions for Polynomials, James V. Burke and Julie Eaton

Food, Consumption, and the Psychology of Cooking, Kima Cargill


Historical Background of Food Scholarship in Psychology and Major Theoretical Approaches in Use, Kima Cargill


In Childhood, Sarah A. Chavez


The Poem I Wouldn’t Write for You (After Larry Levis), Sarah A. Chavez


Watching the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly With My Dad, Sarah A. Chavez

Marketplace Substitution of Atlantic Salmon for Pacific Salmon in Washington State Detected by DNA Barcoding, Erica T. Cline


The Phytophthora Ramorum (Sudden Oak Death) Stream Monitoring Project, Erica T. Cline and Marianne Elliott


Using Phylogenetic Analysis to Detect Market Substitution of Atlantic Salmon for Pacific Salmon: an Introductory Biology Laboratory Experiment, Erica T. Cline and Jennifer Gogarten

Metal Stress and Decreased Tree Growth in Response to Biosolids Application in Greenhouse Seedlings and In Situ Douglas-Fir Stands, Erica T. Cline, Quyen T. N. Nguyen, Lucy Rollins, and James E. Gawel

Sun, Sand, and Citizenship: The Marketing of Gay Tourism, David R. Coon


A Zeta Function for Juggling Sequences, Carten Elsner, Dominic Klyve, and Erik Tou

Diffusive Exchange of Pahs Across the Air-Water interface of the Kaohsiung Harbor Lagoon, Taiwan, Meng-Der Fang, Chon-Lin Lee, Jheng-Jie Jiang, Fung-Chi Ko, and Joel E. Baker

Coming to Know Within 'Healthy Uncertainty': An Autoethnography of Engagement and Transformation in Undergraduate Education, Kelly A. Forrest, Kathy R. Judd, and Jodi R. Davison

Crossing the Boundaries: The Need to Integrate School Leadership and Early Childhood Education, A. Göncü, C. Main, Tony Perone, and S. Tozer

Finding a Voice: Varda's Early Travelogues, Claudia Gorbman

Glass-Whispering, Claudia Gorbman

Musical Worlds of the Millennial Western: Dead Man and Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Claudia Gorbman

“O Canto Amador”, Portuguese Translation of “Artless Singing”, Claudia Gorbman

A Novel Coding-Region RNA Element Modulates Infectious Dengue Virus Particle Production in Both Mammalian and Mosquito Cells and Regulates Viral Replication in Aedes Aegypti Mosquitoes, Anna Maria Groat-Carmona, Susana Orozco, Peter Friebe, Anne Payne, Laura Kramer, and Eva Harris

Liberalism’s Leaky Legacy: Theory and the Narratives of Graduate Student Mothers, Sarah Hampson


Redefining Family: Transnational Girls Narrate Experiences of Parental Migration, Detention, and Deportation, Rachel M. Hershberg and M. Brinton Lykes


Participatory Action Research and Feminisms: Social Inequalities and Transformative Praxis, Sharlene N. Hesse-Biber, M. Brinton Lykes, and Rachel M. Hershberg


Race and Labor in Memphis Since the King Assassination, Michael K. Honey


Women Smuggling and the Men Who Help Them: Gender, Corruption and Illicit Networks in Senegal, Cynthia Howson

Online Methods and Analyzing Knowledge-Production: A Cautionary Tale, Emily N. Ignacio

Racial Formations in Two Writing Assessments: Revisiting White and Thomas’ Findings on the English Placement Test After 30 Years, Asao Inoue


Racial Methodologies for Composition Studies: Reflecting on Theories of Race in Writing Assessment Research, Asao Inoue

Constructing the Dialogue of Civilizations in World Politics: A Case of Global Islamic Activism, Turan Kayaoglu


Review of "Sovereignty in Fragments: The Past, Present and Future of a Contested Concept," edited by H. Kalmo and Q. Skinner, Turan Kayaoglu

Prenatal HIV testing: the compartmentalization of women's sexual risk exposure and the return of the maternal fetal conflict, Kristin Kelly, Sarah Hampson, and Jamie Huff

Integrating simple stochastic fire spread model with the Regional Hydro-Ecological Simulation System, M. C. Kennedy and D. McKenzie

Kinetics of Polychlorinated Biphenyl Partitioning to Marine Chrysophyte Isochrysis Galbana, Fung-Chi Ko, Joel E. Baker, and Kwee S. Tew


FCC Studies of the Television Marketplace under George W. Bush: Flawed Measurements and Invalid Conclusions, William M. Kunz


A comparison of autonomous regulation and negative self-evaluative emotions as predictors of smoking behavior change among college students, Hyoung Suk Lee, Delwyn Catley, and Kari Jo Harris


Power laws reveal phase transitions in landscape controls of fire regimes, Donald McKenzie and Maureen C. Kennedy

‘Laughter and Tears are Pretty Much the Same Thing’: Humor as Resistance in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Danica Miller


The Body of This, JM Miller

Identity Politics: the Mixed-race American Indian Experience, Michelle Montgomery


The Native Comic Book Project: native youth making comics and healthy decisions, Michelle Montgomery, Brenda Manuelito, Carrie Nass, Tami Chock, and Dedra Buchwald


Responsible Research Partnerships with Indigenous Communities, Michelle Montgomery and J Sharpe

"Sexual Hyenas" and Programs for At-risk Youth: Structural Opportunities for Abuse, Ellen E. Moore


The Dynamics of Public Opinion on Cultural Policy Issues in the U.S., 1972-2010, Kenneth Mulligan, J. Tobin Grant, and Daniel Bennett

Environmental Philosophy in Brazil: Roots, Intellectual Culprits, and New Directions, Amos Nascimento and James J. Griffith


Sisters’ Retiring Room From the North Family Dwelling, Mount Lebanon, New York, Ca. 1845, Julie Nicoletta

How Accessible are the Voice-Guided Automatic Teller Machines for the Visually Impaired?, Sushil K. Oswal

Analysis of Trenbolone Acetate Metabolites and Melengestrol in Environmental Matrices Using Gas Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry, Jed A. Parker, Jackson P. Webster, Stephanie C. Kover, and Edward P. Kolodziej

Fuel treatment effects on tree mortality following wildfire in dry mixed conifer forests, Washington State, USA, Susan J. Prichard and Maureen C. Kennedy

Phototransformation Rates and Mechanisms for Synthetic Hormone Growth Promoters Used in Animal Agriculture, Shen Qu, Edward P. Kolodziej, and David M. Cwiertny

Designing and Evaluating the Mobile Experience Through Iterative Field Studies, Robert Racadio, Emma J. Rose, and Suzanne Boyd


The response of Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska, to the Denali earthquake rock avalanches, Dan H. Shugar, Bernhard T. Rabus, John J. Clague, and Denny M. Capps

Looking Healthy: Visualizing Mental Health and Illness Online , Riki Thompson

Screwed Up, but Working On It: (Dis)Ordering the Self Through E-Stories, Riki Thompson


Talking with Students Through Screencasting: Experimentations with Video Feedback to Improve Student Learning, Riki Thompson and Meredith J. Lee

Category of p-Complete Abelian Groups, Ruth Vanderpool

Occurrence of Trenbolone Acetate Metabolites in Simulated Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Runoff, Jackson P. Webster, Stephanie C. Kover, Reid J. Bryson, Thomas Harter, D. Scott Mansell, David L. Sedlak, and Edward P. Kolodziej

Mammy, Jezebel, Sapphire, and Their Homegirls: Developing an "Oppositional Gaze" Toward the Images of Black Women, Carolyn M. West


Partner Abuse in Ethnic Minority and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations, Carolyn M. West