Submissions from 2010

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Foreword & Introduction, JaeRan Kim


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Annotated Bibliography: Families and Children Affected by Incarceration, Diane S. Young and J. A. Mienko

Submissions from 2009


A History of Sex Offender Registration, Alissa R. Ackerman and Karen J. Terry


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Co-Leadership, Kathryn S. Collins and Marceline M. Lazzari

The Graying of HIV/AIDS: Preparedness and Needs of the Aging Network in a Changing Epidemic, Charles A. Emlet, Amanda Gerkin, and Nancy Orel

HIV/AIDS Treatments, Charles A. Emlet and R. A. Shippy

Using Social Work Theory for the Facilitation of Friendships, Jerry Finn, Michelle D. Garner, and Jen Wilson

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Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Substance Use Disorders: A Pilot Efficacy Trial, Michelle Garner and Heidi Haynes


Multiculturalism, Michelle Garner, D. E. Logan, and B. A. Woods

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Mass Murder at School and Cumulative Strain a Sequential Model, Jack Levin and Eric Madfis


Ritual Killing, Eric Madfis

Providing Social Services to Mexico-USA Transmigrants, Nalini Junko Negi and Rich Furman

Submissions from 2008


What Is Social Justice? Updates From the Council on Social Work Education Commission for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice, M. Abramovitz and Marceline M. Lazzari

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2008 Undergraduate Student Survey Report, Christopher Bradley, Debra Boggs, Joy Hartwell-Lein, and Janelle Eliasson-Nannini

An Exploration of the Amount and Type of Media Coverage Given to Serial Murder Victims After the Elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, Christopher Bradley and Janelle Nannini


Athletes, Athletics And Violence In Sports, Erin A. Casey


Date Rape, Sexual Harassment And Other Forms Of Sexual Coercion: Effective Intervention, Erin A. Casey and Paula S. Nurius


Engaging Adolescents In Sexual Assault And Harassment Prevention, Erin A. Casey and Paula S. Nurius


Coding Gender: Using IMP to Construct a Content Analysis of Gender Definitions in Scientific Research, Jeffrey W. Cohen

Truth and Consequences: A Qualitative Exploration of HIV Disclosure in Older Adults, Charles A. Emlet

Jessie Taft and the Functional School: The Impact of Our History, Rich Furman


Faculty Perceptions of Curricular Deficits in Preparing Students for Practice With Latinos, Rich Furman, Kimberly Bender, Chance Lewis, and Jeffery Shears


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An International Experience for Social Work Students: Self-Reflection Through Poetry and Journal Writing Exercises, Rich Furman, Ann Coyne, and Nalini Junko Negi


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Students' Lived Experiences of Practice Courses Presented Through the Research Poem, Rich Furman, D. Bruce Taylor, and Meredith Badinelli

Alcohol, Child Maltreatment, and Parenting Stress in the Lives of Birth Mothers, Marian S. Harris


Book Review: Family Interventions in Domestic Violence: A Handbook of Gender Inclusive Theory and Treatment, Marian S. Harris


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Myths and facts about sexual violence: Public perceptions and implications for prevention, Stacey Katz-Schiavone, Jill S. Levenson, and Alissa R. Ackerman

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Restorative Justice and Prison Reform, Barb Toews


Criminal Courts, Diane S. Young

Submissions from 2007


Misconceptions of Gender: Sex, Masculinity, and the Measurement of Crime, Jeffrey W. Cohen and Patrick J. Harvey

Tending the Soul: A Teaching Module for Increasing Student Sensitivity to the Spiritual Needs of Older Adults, Kathryn S. Collins, Rich Furman, Ruthanne Hackman, Kim Bender, and Elizabeth A. Bruce


Experiences of Stigma in Older Adults Living With HIV/AIDS: A Mixed-Methods Analysis, Charles Emlet

Extending the Use of the 40-Item HIV-Stigma Scale to Older Adults: An Examination of Reliability and Validity, Charles A. Emlet


Faculty Self-Reflection and Study-Abroad: An Expressive Aproach to Autoethnography, Rich Furman

The Mundane, the Existential, and the Poetic, Rich Furman


Poetry and Narrative as Qualitative Data: Explorations Into Existential Theory, Richard Furman

Expressive, Research and Reflective Poetry as Qualitative Inquiry: A Study of Adolescent Identity, Rich Furman, Carol L. Langer, Christine S. Davis, Heather P. Gallardo, and Shanti Kulkarni

A Qualitative Study of Immigration Policy and Practice Dilemmas for Social Work Students, Rich Furman, Carol L. Langer, Thomas Wayne Sanchez, and Nalini Junko Negi

Social Work Practice With Transnational Latino Populations, Rich Furman and Nalini Junko Negi

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Qualitative Study of Letters to President Kennedy From Persons With Mental Illness and Their Families: Using the Research Poem in Policy Oriented Research, A, Rich Furman and Allison Shukraft

African American Mothers and Their Mothers, Marian S. Harris

Development Research of a Teachers' Educational Performance Support System: The Practices of Design, Development, and Evaluation, Wei-Chen Hung, Thomas J. Smith, Marian S. Harris, and James Lockard


Children of Incarcerated Parents Project: How a Mentoring Program Can Make a Difference, Janice H. Laakso and Julie Nygaard

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Effects Of Friendship Closeness In An Adolescent Group Hiv Prevention Intervention, Diane M. Morrison, Erin A. Casey, Blair A. Beadnell, Marilyn J. Hoppe, and Mary Rogers Gillmore

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Research Trajectories of Female Scholars in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Stephen K. Rice, Karen J. Terry, and Holly Ventura Miller


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Submissions from 2006

Trends In The Prevalence And Characteristics Of Sexual Violence: A Cohort Analysis, Erin A. Casey and Paula S. Nurius

Poetry Therapy as a Tool of Cognitively Based Practice, Kathryn S. Collins, Rich Furman, and Carol L. Langer

A Survey of Pastoral Care Services for Older Adults, Kathryn S. Collins, Tirelo Modie Moroka, Rich Furman, and Elizabeth Bruce


A Comparison of HIV Stigma and Disclosure Patterns Between Older and Younger Adults Living With HIV/AIDS, Charles Emlet

An Examination of the Social Networks and Social Isolation in Older and Younger Adults Living With HIV/AIDS, Charles A. Emlet


Health Issues of Older Adults With HIV/AIDS, Charles A. Emlet and K. M. Noakes


Services for HIV-infected and HIV-affected Older Adults, Charles A. Emlet and Cynthia Cannon Poindexter

A Qualitative Study of Social Development Paradoxes in Guatemala Using the Research Poem, Rich Furman