Submissions from 2006

Poetic Forms and Structures in Qualitative Health Research, Rich Furman

Poetry as Research: Advancing Scholarship and the Development of Poetry Therapy as a Profession, Rich Furman

Inside a Provider's Perspective: Using Practitioner Poetry to Explore the Treatment of Persons With Mental Illness, Rich Furman, Kathryn Collins, Carol Langer, and Elisabeth A. Bruce


Managed Care and the Care of the Soul, Rich Furman and Carol L. Langer

The Poet/Practitioner: A Paradigm for the Profession, Rich Furman, Carol L. Langer, and Debra K. Anderson


The Research Poem in International Social Work: Innovations in Qualitative Methodology, Rich Furman, Cynthia Lietz, and Carol L. Langer

Assessing a Community's Elder Friendliness: A Case Example of the AdvantAge Initiative, David Hanson and Charles A. Emlet


Book Review: Weaving a Family: Untangling Race and Adoption, M. S. Harris


States' Initiatives to Address the Needs of Persons Dually Diagnosed With Psychiatric and Developmental Disabilities, Jessica Hartley, Eric Madfis, Elizabeth Pell, and Deborah Potter

Book Review: Dred Scott and the Problem of Constitutional Evil by Mark A. Graber, Andrea Hill

Scattered Seeds: The Christian Influence on the Korean Adoption Phenomenon, JaeRan Kim


Noncustodial Fathers' Involvement With Their Children: A Right Or a Privilege?, Janice Laakso and Sheri Adams

Book Review of Understanding Social Inequality: Intersections of Clars, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, and Race in Canada, Janice H. Laakso

Women, Abuse, and the Welfare Bureaucracy, Janice H. Laakso and Denise J. Drevdahl

Building and Marketing an Image in Child Welfare, Carol L. Langer, Debra K. Anderson, Rich Furman, and James R. Blue

Establishing Trustworthiness in Qualitative Research in Social Work Implications From a Study Regarding Spirituality, Cynthia A. Lietz, Carol L. Langer, and Rich Furman

Book Review of Federal Narcotic Laws and the War on Drugs: Money Down a Rat Hole by Thomas C. Rowe, Eric Madfis


Health Care Strategies for Older Adults With HIV/AIDS, K. M. Noakes and Charles A. Emlet


Identity Health, Stress, And Support: Profiles Of Transition To Motherhood Among High Risk Adolescent Girls, Paula S. Nurius, Erin A. Casey, Taryn P. Lindhorst, and RJ Macy

Challenges for Formerly Incarcerated Women, Patricia O'Brien and Diane Young


HIV-Infected and HIV-Affected Older Adults, Cynthia Cannon Poindexter and Charles A. Emlet

Systemische Implikationen Zum Menschen Und Seiner Position in Der Sozialen Arbeit (Systemic Implications About Human Beings and Their Position in Social Work), Claudia Sellmaier

Enhancing the Vocational Skills of Incarcerated Women Through a Plumbing Maintenance Program, Diane S. Young and Robert F. Mattucci

Submissions from 2005

Where Have All the Children Gone? A Review of the Literature on Factors Contributing to Disproportionality: Five Key Child Welfare Decision Points, K. Cahn and M. S. Harris


Trauma Exposure And Sexual Revictimization Risk: Comparisons Across Single, Multiple Incident, And Multiple Perpetrator Victimizations, Erin A. Casey and Paula S. Nurius

Measuring Stigma in Older and Younger Adults With HIV/AIDS: An Analysis of an HIV Stigma Scale and Initial Exploration of Subscales, Charles A. Emlet

Autoethnographic Poems and Narrative Reflections: A Qualitative Study on the Death of a Companion Animal, Rich Furman


Understanding Privatization Through the Lens of Dorwart and Epstein's Privatization and Mental Health Services: A Warning for Latin America and the Developing World, Rich Furman

Using Poetry and Written Exercises to Teach Empathy, Rich Furman

A Narrative Poem as a Source of Qualitative Data, Rich Furman and Stan Cavers

Guidelines for Responding to Clients Spontaneously Presenting Their Poetry in Therapy, Rich Furman and Kathryn Collins

Culturally Sensitive Practices and Crisis Management, Rich Furman and Kathryn S. Collins


Working With African American Children and Families in the Child Welfare System, Marian S. Harris and Ada Skyles

Career Decisions and Experiences of Social Work Faculty: A Gender Comparison, Lynn C. Holley and Diane S. Young

Beyond the Ethnographic Interview: The Research Poem as a Tool for Teaching Culturally Sensitive Social Work With Natives, C. Langer and Rich Furman

'We Are More Than Jailbirds': An Arts Program for Incarcerated Young Women, Marceline M. Lazzari, Kathryn A. Amundson, and Robert L. Jackson

Examining Interpersonal Relationship Predictors of Delinquency Across Ethnic and Racial Samples, Jeffrey K. Shears and Rich Furman

Poetry and Photography an Exploration Into Expressive/Creative Qualitative Research, Peter Szto, Rich Furman, and Carol Langer

Combining Caregiving and Career: Experiences of Social Work Faculty, Diane S. Young and Lynn C. Holley

Experiencing Social Welfare History: New York City as Case Study, Diane S. Young, P. Selmi, and L. Kilpatrick

Submissions from 2004

The Implications of Sex Tourism on Men's Social, Psychological, and Physical Health, Kimberly Bender and Rich Furman

Book Review: Gay Seattle: Stories of Exile and Belonging,, Thomas M. Diehm

HIV/AIDS and Aging, Charles A. Emlet

HIV/AIDS and Aging: A Diverse Population of Vulnerable Older Adults, Charles A. Emlet


Knowledge and Use of AIDS and Aging Services by Older, HIV-infected Adults, Charles A. Emlet

Knowledge and Use of AIDS and Aging Services by Older, HIV-Infected Adults, Charles A. Emlet

Unserved, Unseen, and Unheard: Integrating Programs for HIV-infected and HIV-affected Older Adults, Charles A. Emlet and Cynthia Cannon Poindexter

Exploring Friendship Loss Through Poetry, Rich Furman

Poetry as Qualitative Data for Exploring Social Development and Human Experience in Latin America, Rich Furman

The Prose Poem as a Means of Exploring Friendship: Pathways to Reflection, Rich Furman

Una Rosa: A Case Study of Depression in a Guatemalan Victim of Terror, Rich Furman

Using Poetry and Narrative as Qualitative Data: Exploring a Father's Cancer Through Poetry, Rich Furman

White Male Privilege in the Context of My Life, Rich Furman

Faculty Attitudes Regarding Student's Preparedness for Culturally Sensitive Social Work Practice in the United States, Richard Furman, Chance W. Lewis, and Jeffery Shears

Exploring the Ethics of Treatments for Depression: The Ethics of Care Perspective, Rich Furman, Eleanor Pepi Downey, and Robert L. Jackson

Using the Biopsychosocial Approach to Resolve Student Dilemmas in Field Placements, Rich Furman, Robert L. Jackson, Eleanor Pepi Downey, and Robert Seiz

Poetry, Writing, and Community Practice., Rich Furman, Rich Riddoch, and Kathryn Collins

Best Practices in Kinship Care for African American Mothers and Their Children, Marian S. Harris

Group Work With Children Exposed to Domestic Violence, Marian S. Harris

The Tanka as a Qualitative Research Tool: A Study of a Native American Woman, Carol Langer and Rich Furman


Exploring Identity and Assimilation: Research and Interpretive Poems, Carol L. Langer and Rich Furman

Increased Somatic Complaints and Health-Care Utilization in Children: Effects of Parent IBS Status and Parent Response to Gastrointestinal Symptoms, Rona L. Levy, William E. Whitehead, Lynn S. Walker, Michael Von Korff, Andrew D. Feld, Michelle Garner, and Dennis Christie

The Golden Years: African American Women and Retirement, Gillian L. Marshall

The Dilemmas of African-American Men From Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Completing Doctoral From Predominately White Institutions, Jeffrey Shears, Chance W. Lewis, and Richard Furman

Have Offender Needs and Perspectives Been Adequately Incorporated Into Restorative Justice?, Barb Toews and J. Katounas

Invoking Our Code of Ethics With Clients in the Criminal Justice System: Invited Commentary, Diane S. Young

Submissions from 2003

The Use of a World Wide Web-Based Consultation Site to Provide Support to Telephone Staff in a Traumatic Brain Injury Demonstration Project, Kathleen R. Bell, Peter Esselman, Michelle D. Garner, Jason Doctor, Charles Bombardier, Kurt Johnson, Nancy Temkin, and Sureyya Dikmen

Nurturing Human Diversities: Providing Leadership for Institutional Change, Thomas M. Diehm and Marceline M. Lazzari

Nurturing Human Diversities: Providing Leadership for Institutional Change, Thomas M. Diehm and Marceline M. Lazzari

Perceptions of Efficacy in the Use of Contemporary Film in Social Work Education: An Exploratory Study, Eleanor Pepi Downey, Robert L. Jackson, Maria E. Puig, and Rich Furman


Older Adults Living With HIV Disease: Challenges for Interdisciplinary Assessment, Charles A. Emlet

Older Adults With HIV Disease, Charles A. Emlet, Susan Scott Gusz, and Jodi Dumont

Using Children's Literature in Social Work Practice and Education, R. Furman

Using Poetry as a Tool for Self-Reflection in Social Work Education, R. Furman

Exploring Stepfatherhood Through Poetry, Rich Furman

Frameworks for Understanding Value Discrepancies and Ethical Dilemmas in Managed Mental Health for Social Work in the United States, Rich Furman

Poetry Therapy and Existential Practice., Rich Furman

The Social Problem of Depression: A Multi-Theoretical Analysis, Rich Furman and Kimberly Bender


Poetry, Violence and Peace, Rich Furman and Kathryn S. Collins

Social Constructivist Practice With Youth, Rich Furman, Robert L. Jackson, Eleanor Pepi Downey, and Jeffery Shears

Infusing Globalization Into the Social Work Curriculum, Rich Furman, Maria Puig, Peter Szto, and Carol Langer

The Interaction of Race, Ethnicity, and Family Structure With Respect to the Timing of Family Reunification, Marian S. Harris and Mark E. Courtney

Space to Grow Using Dialogue Techniques for Multinational, Multicultural Learning, Mona Schatz, Rich Furman, and Lowell E. Jenkins

The Multiple Impacts of TANF, ASFA, and Mandatory Drug Sentencing for Families Affected by Maternal Incarceration, Carrie Jefferson Smith and Diane S. Young


Ways of Knowing for a Restorative Worldview, Barb Toews and Howard Zehr

Co-Occurring Disorders Among Jail Inmates: Bridging the Treatment Gap, Diane S. Young

Predictors of Placement on a Jail Mental Health Unit: Assessing Equitable Access to Care, Diane S. Young

Submissions from 2002


The Portrayal of Women on Sex Tour Websites, Kimberly A. Bender and Rich Furman

Using Contemporary Film in Human Service Education, Eleanor Pepi Downey, Robert L. Jackson, and Rich Furman

Service Priorities, Use, and Needs, Charles A. Emlet and James P. Berghuis

Correlates of Service Utilization Among Midlife and Older Adults With HIV/AIDS: The Role of Age in the Equation, Charles A. Emlet and Kathleen J. Farkas

Alcohol Use and Abuse in a Population of Community Dwelling, Frail Older Adults, Charles A. Emlet, Helena Hawks, and Jane Callahana

A Feminist Approach to Practice in Working With Midlife and Older Women With HIV/AIDS, Charles A. Emlet, Katy Tangenberg, and Claire Siverson

HIV/AIDS and Older Adults, Charles A. Emlet and Colette M. Vallee

HIV/AIDS in Adults 50 and Over [Special Issue], Charles A. Emlet and Colette M. Vallee

The Results Of A Management Redesign, Mark Ezell, Erin A. Casey, Peter J. Pecora, Candace Grossman, and Robert Friend

Jessie Taft and the Functional School: The Impact of Our History, Rich Furman


The Definition of Enlightenment - Lighten Up: My Use of Humor in Social Work Education and Practice, Rich Furman

Wrap-Around Services: An Analysis of Community-Based Mental Health Services for Children, Rich Furman and Robert Jackson

Teaching Crisis Intervention, Rich Furman and Mona C.S. Schatz