Submissions from 2018

A Quality-Driven Recommender System for IaaS Cloud Services, E. Al-Masri and L. Meng

A Fog-Based Digital Forensics Investigation Framework for IoT Systems, Eyhab Al-Masri, Yan Bai, and J. Li

Detecting Heart Rate Variability Using Millimeter-Wave Radar Technology, Eyhab Al-Masri and Misba Momin

Reproducible Bioconductor Workflows Using Browser-Based Interactive Notebooks and Containers, Reem Almugbel, Ling-Hong Hung, Jiaming Hu, Abeer Almutairy, Nicole Ortogero, Yashaswi Tamta, and Ka Yee Yeung

The Dangers of Disaster-Driven Responses to Climate Change, Sarah E. Anderson, Ryan R. Bart, Maureen C. Kennedy, Andrew J. MacDonald, Max A. Moritz, Andrew J. Plantinga, Christina L. Tague, and Matthew Wibbenmeyer


A Tale of Two Textbook Programs: Seeking a Sustainable Model for Textbook Access in Academic Libraries, Serin Anderson and Suzane Parker

Harming Animals and Massacring Humans: Characteristics of Public Mass and Active Shooters Who Abused Animals, A. Arluke, A. Lankford, and Eric Madfis


Invisible Children: Advocacy and Accidental Viral Marketing, Jeff Aulgur and Ruth Bernstein

Comfort and Attitudes Towards Robots Among Young, Middle-Aged, and Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study, U. Backonja, A.K. Hall, I. Painter, L. Kneale, A. Lazar, M. Cakmak, H.J. Thompson, and G. Demiris

DAGS: Key Encapsulation Using Dyadic GS Codes, G. Banegas, Paulo Barreto, B.O. Boidje, P.-L. Cayrel, G.N. Dione, K. Gaj, C.T. Gueye, R. Haeussler, J.B. Klamti, O. N'Diaye, D.T. Nguyen, E. Persichetti, and J.E. Ricardini

Microplastics Pollution in the Marine Environment, Luis Gabriel Barboza, Joao P.G.L. Frias, Andy Booth, Luis Vieira, Julie Masura, Joel Baker, Greg Foster, and Lucia Guilhermino

Increased Exposure of Plankton to Arsenic in Contaminated Weakly-Stratified Lakes, P. M. Barrett, E. A. Hull, C. E. King, K. Burkart, K. A. Ott, J. N. Ryan, J. E. Gawel, and R. B. Neumann

Unsettling Planning Theory, J. Barry, M. Horst, A. Inch, C. Legacy, S. Rishi, J.J. Rivero, Anne Taufen, J.M. Zanotto, and A. Zitcer


Green Burial, Home Burial: A Return to Redbud Hill, Ellen M. Bayer


The Ecocritical Implications of Downing’s Influence on Poe’s Landscape Aesthetic, E.M. Bayer


Croatian Preschool Teachers’ Self-Perceived Competence in Managing the Challenging Behaviour of Children, Kathleen Beaudoin, S.S. Mihić, and D. Lončarić

Open Access at UW and Beyond: A Training for UW Tacoma Faculty, Liz Bedford and Justin Wadland

Family Evaluation in Custody Litigation: Promoting Optimal Outcomes and Reducing Ethical Risks, G. Andrew Benjamin, Connie J. Beck, Morgan Shaw, and Robert Geffner


Special Section Introduction: ARNOVA Governance Symposium Case Studies for Use in the Classroom and Practitioner Training, Ruth Bernstein and Judy Freiwirth

Listening to Rap: An Introduction, Michael Berry

Privacy-Preserving User Profiling With Facebook Likes, Sanchya Bhagat, Keerthanaa Saminathan, Anisha Agarwal, Rafael Dowsley, Martine De Cock, and Anderson C. Nascimento

Impact of IFRS Adoption on Reporting of Firm Efficiency: Case of Indian IT Firms, S. Bhatia and A. Tripathy

A Novel CMOS RF Energy Harvester for Self-Sustainable Applications, Arka Biswas, S. Babak Hamidi, Chitralekha Biswas, Palash Roy, Dipankar Mitra, and Debasis Dawn


Teen-Robot Interaction: A Pilot Study of Engagement With a Low-Fidelity Prototype, Elin A. Björling, Emma Rose, and Rachel Ren


Creating Emancipatory Dialogues About Identity and Health by Modernizing Interviews, Doris M. Boutain, Robin Evans-Agnew, Fuqin Liu, and Marie-Anne S. Rosemberg

Employed Parents of Children Receiving Mental Health Services: Caregiver Strain and Work–life Integration, A.M. Brannan, E.M. Brennan, Claudia Sellmaier, and J.M. Rosenzweig

Is Online Training an Effective Workforce Development Strategy for Transition Service Providers? Results of a Comparative Study, E.M. Brennan, C. Sellmaier, P. Jivanjee, and L. Grover

Letter to the Editor: Public Health Nursing, M.K. Canales, D.J. Drevdahl, and S.M. Kneipp

The Economics of Corporate Lobbying, Z. Cao, G.D. Fernando, A. Tripathy, and A. Upadhyay

Perceptions of Men Who Have Perpetrated Intimate Partner Violence on Creating a Transition to Fatherhood Program, J. Carlson and E.A. Casey


The Right Way to Nudge Students, Colleen M. Carmean and Jill Frankfort


Walking the Walk or Just Talk?: A Global Examination of Men’s Intentions to Take Violence Preventative Action, E.A. Casey, C.T. Allen, R.M. Tolman, J.M. Carlson, and C. Leek

Examining Age-Related Differences in Functional Domain Impairment Following Traumatic Brain Injury, Sunny Chieh Cheng, Nai-Ching Chi, Ellita Williams, and Hilaire J. Thompson

Exact and Consistent Interpretation for Piecewise Linear Neural Networks: A Closed Form Solution, Lingyang Chu, Xia Hu, Juhua Hu, Lanjun Wang, and Jian Pei

Longitudinal Impact of a Randomized Clinical Trial to Improve Family Function, Reduce Maternal Stress and Improve Child Outcomes in Families of Children With ADHD, S.S. Churchill, M.C. Leo, E.M. Brennan, C. Sellmaier, J. Kendall, and G.M. Houck

The Construction of School Bullying as a Social Problem, Jeff Cohen and Robert Brooks

Do Drop Boxes Improve Voter Turnout? Evidence From King County, Washington, Loren Collingwood, William McGuire, Benjamin Gonzalez O'Brien, Katherine Baird, and Sarah Hampson

Adverse Meditation Experiences: Navigating Buddhist and Secular Frameworks for Addressing Them, Jane Compson


Episode 104: Jane Compson, Lynette Monteiro, Frank Musten | Practitioner's Guide to Ethics and Mindfulness-Based Interventions, Jane Compson

Foreword, David R. Coon

Gay and Lesbian Tourism, David R. Coon

Turning the Page: Storytelling as Activism in Queer Film and Media, David R. Coon

Mythgarden: Collaborative Authorship and Counter-Storytelling in Queer Independent Film, D.R. Coon

CRISPR-Cas Technology in and Out of the Classroom, Lina Dahlberg and Anna M. Groat-Carmona

Off to St. Louis: Music, Daffodils, and the City of Destiny, Kim Davenport and Rafael Saucedo

Cultivating T-Shaped Professionals in the Era of Digital Transformation, H. Demirkan and J.C. Spohrer

Characterizing the Impact of Topology on IoT Stream Processing, Anindya Dey, Kim Stuart, and Matthew Tolentino

The Urbanization of Green Internationalism, Yonn Dierwechter

Nursing and the Social Determinants of Health, Denise J. Drevdahl and Shawn M. Kneipp

Culture Shifts: From Cultural to Structural Theorizing in Nursing, D.J. Drevdahl

Sedimentology and Geomorphology of a Large Tsunamigenic Landslide, Taan Fiord, Alaska, A. Dufresne, M. Geertsema, D. H. Shugar, M. Koppes, B. Higman, P. J. Haeussler, C. Stark, J. G. Venditti, D. Bonno, C. Larsen, S. P. Gulick, N. McCall, M. Walton, M. G. Loso, and M. J. Willis

Late Quaternary Landscape Evolution in a Region of Stable Postglacial Relative Sea Levels, British Columbia Central Coast, Canada, J.B.R. Eamer, D.H. Shugar, I.J. Walker, C.M. Neudorf, O.B. Lian, J.L. Eamer, J. Bryce, and L. Biln

Giving Back Is Receiving: The Role of Generativity in Successful Aging Among HIV-Positive Older Adults, C.A. Emlet and L. Harris

The Incarceration of Japanese Americans in the 1940s: Literature for the High School Classroom, Rachel Endo

Asthma Disparity Photovoice: The Discourses of Black Adolescent and Public Health Policymakers, R.A. Evans-Agnew

Development and Pilot Testing of a Bilingual Environmental Health Assessment Tool to Promote Asthma-Friendly Childcares, R.A. Evans-Agnew, J. Postma, R.M. Hershberg, E. Trujilio, M. Tinajera, and Ariana Ochoa Ochoa Camacho


Uniting Action Research and Citizen Science: Examining the Opportunities for Mutual Benefit Between Two Movements Through a Woodsmoke Photovoice Study, Robin A. Evans-Agnew and Chris Eberhardt

Opportunities in the Integration of Primary Care and Public Health Nursing: Two Case Exemplars on Physical Activity and Nutrition, Robin A. Evans-Agnew, Kala A. Mayer, and Lori L. Miller

Classified Staff Perceptions of Behavior and Discipline: Implications for Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports, Laura L. Feuerborn, Ashli D. Tyre, and Kathleen Beaudoin

Crossover Youth and Gender: What Are the Challenges of Girls Involved in Both the Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems?, Jerry Flores, Janelle Hawes, Angela Westbrooks, and Chanae Henderson

Human Rights, M. Forman

The Nationalist Temptation: Labor and the Crisis of Global Capitalism, Michael Forman


A Crowdsourced Analysis to Identify Ab Initio Molecular Signatures Predictive of Susceptibility to Viral Infection, Slim Fourati, Aarthi Talla, Mehrad Mahmoudian, Joshua G. Burkhart, Riku Klén, Ricardo Henao, Thomas Yu, Zafer Aydın, Ka Yee Yeung, Mehmet Eren Ahsen, Reem Almugbel, Samad Jahandideh, Xiao Liang, Torbjörn E. Nordling, Motoki Shiga, Ana Stanescu, Robert Vogel, Gaurav Pandey, Christopher Chiu, Micah T. McClain, Christopher W. Woods, Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Laura L. Elo, Ephraim L. Tsalik, Lara M. Mangravite, and Solveig K. Sieberts

Face-To-Face, or Online, That Is the Question, C. Gao and B. Goda

The New Spirit Lake: Changes to Hydrology, Nutrient Cycling, and Biological Productivity, James E. Gawel, Charles M. Crisafulli, and Rich Miller

"Interacting With Intelligent Assistants to Predict Consumer Satisfaction", Rashmi G Elera and D.C. Grant


Bong’s Song, Claudia Gorbman

Distributed Detection and Response for the Mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, DC Grant


Collaborating for Our Future: Multistakeholder Partnerships for Solving Complex Problems, Barbara Gray and Jill Purdy


Comparison of Alexandrium Spp. Surface Sediment Cyst Maps From Quartermaster Harbor in 2007 and 2017, Cheryl Greengrove, Julie Masura, Thanh-Thuy Nguyen, and Mitchell Schatz

Submarine Deposition of a Subaerial Landslide in Taan Fiord, Alaska, P.J. Haeussler, S.P.S. Gulick, N. McCall, M. Walton, R. Reece, C. Larsen, Dan Shugar, M. Geertsema, J.G. Venditti, and K. Labay

Military Moms in the Spotlight: What Media Attention on Mothers in the U.S. Military Means for Public Policy, Sarah Cote Hampson


Mothers Do Not Make Good Workers: The Role of Work/Life Balance Policies in Reinforcing Gendered Stereotypes, Sarah Cote Hampson

Mothers, Military, and Society, Sarah Cote Hampson, Udi Lebel, and Nancy Taber

Law’s Promises and Its Limits: A Reply to Cramer and McNulty, S.C. Hampson


Evolution and Controls of Large Glacial Lakes in the Nepal Himalaya, Umesh K. Haritashya, Jeffrey S. Kargel, Dan H. Shugar, Gregory J. Leonard, Katherine Strattman, C. Scott Watson, David Shean, Stephan Harrison, Kyle T. Mandli, and Dhananjay Regmi

Relationship Between Nursing Professional Development and the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Primary Accreditation Framework, M.G. Harper and P. Maloney


Locating Art Worlds, James W. Harrington Jr.


Climate Change and the Global Pattern of Moraine-Dammed Glacial Lake Outburst Floods, S. Harrison, J. S. Kargel, C. Huggel, J. Reynolds, D. H. Shugar, R. A. Betts, A. Emmer, N. Glasser, U. K. Haritashya, J. Klimeš, L. Reinhardt, Y. Schaub, A. Wiltshire, D. Regmi, and V. Vilímek

Pine: A System for Crowdsourced Spatial Data Source Discovery While Map Browsing, M. Haynes, A. Hendawi, and M. Ali

Smart Transitions in City Regionalism: Territory, Politics and the Quest for Competitiveness and Sustainability, Tassilo Herrschel and Yonn Dierwechter


Re-mapping Tacoma's Pre-War Japantown: Living on the Tideflats, Lisa Hoffman, Mary Hanneman, and Sarah Pyle

Black Workers Matter: The Continuing Search for Racial and Economic Equality in Memphis, Michael K. Honey


Lane Windham. Knocking on Labor’s Door: Union Organizing in the 1970s and the Roots of a New Economic Divide., Michael K. Honey


Martin Luther King Jr.: 50 Years Later, Michael K. Honey


Revisiting Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign and Unfinished Agenda, Michael K. Honey

To the Promised Land: Martin Luther King and the Fight for Economic Justice, Michael K. Honey


UW Historian Michael Honey Recalls Martin Luther King’s Message of Economic Justice in New Book, ‘To the Promised Land’, Michael Honey and Peter Kelley

The Southern Tenant Farmers Museum as a Site of Memory, Michael K. Honey and Gregory Hansen


Embedding Containerized Workflows Inside Data Science Notebooks Enhances Reproducibility, Jiaming Hu, Ling-Hong Hung, and Ka Yee Yeung

Subspace Multi-Clustering: A Review, Juhua Hu and Jian Pei


Building Containerized Workflows Using the BioDepot-workflow-builder (Bwb), Ling-Hong Hung, Jiaming Hu, Trevor Meiss, Alyssa Ingersoll, Wes Lloyd, Daniel Kristiyanto, Yuguang Xiong, Eric Sobie, and Ka Yee Yeung


Holistic Optimization of RNA-seq Workflow for Multi-Threaded Environments, Ling-Hong Hung, Wes Lloyd, Radhika Agumbe Sridhar, Saranya Devi Ravishankar, Yuguang Xiong, Eric Sobie, and Ka Yee Yeung

Factors Influencing Hospital Readmission Penalties: Are They Really Under Hospitals’ Control?, R.P. Jindal, D.K. Gauri, G. Singh, and S. Nicholson

Workplace Bullying in the Healthcare Sector, Susan Johnson


Cutting Through the Discussion on Caesarean Delivery: Birth Practices as Social Practices, Natalie Jolly

Corporate Social Responsibility and Word - Of - Mouth Intentions, B. Kang and E. Sivadas

The Effect of Prenatal Exposure to Ramadan on Children's Height, Seyed Karimi and A. Basu

Framing Digital Exclusion in Technologically Mediated Urban Spaces, M. Kelley

"If Everyone Would Just Act White": Education as a Global Investment in Whiteness, Christopher Knaus